10 ideas to inspire you: Decorate with large mirrors


At a time when physical space in our homes seems to be conspicuous by its absence, if there is an effect that we pursue above all of them, it is precisely the one that helps us increase the feeling of visual amplitude in our spaces. And of course, having mirrors to help us with practice becomes almost essential. So putting into practice the saying of “big donkey walk or not walk”, today I have proposed to inspire you while I encourage you to decorate with large mirrors. A practice as visual as it is little put into practice to which I bet that from today you will completely lose respect. Do not lose detail that we started!

Power the light you have

Whether you have little natural light in a particular room, or if you lack it completely (in the case of a narrow hall for example), welcome a large mirror that is responsible for reflecting the light you have while enhancing the spaciousness of the space, it will be a great and visual idea that will completely change the appearance of the environment. If the dimensions are small, you better hang it. But if you have more than enough space to accommodate it, resting it directly on the floor will make you look as distinguished as it is quite different.

Full of life dead corners

Decorating with mirrors can completely change both the decoration you are planning and the harmony and flow of a room that you do not know how to give a twist. A simple mirror will help to redirect attention to another part of the room. On the contrary, one that shines with its own light will give rise to the opposite effect. You will have the entire visual match guaranteed with their presence!

From floor to ceiling

There are walls that frame spaces that well deserve an extra dose of attention on our part. And it is that sometimes, if we achieve something by reflecting a wonderful space, it is precisely to duplicate the beauty of the space. And as to show a button, I refer to the tests by showing you the effect achieved through the following example. Isn’t that ideal?

Take advantage of the surface of the doors

Elements as everyday as carpentry, can become the perfect allies in order to decorate with large mirrors in a very safe and original way. The sliding doors will help you to accommodate them while physically limiting the environment, giving rise to an interesting visual effect.

Big but simple

If you are not a fan of pompous but do not want to give up multiplying the luminosity and space in your home, you should know that it is increasingly easy to find XL format mirrors on the market with subtle, delicate aesthetics and with a frame. even almost imperceptible to the eye is clearly feasible.

Decorate with large mirrors: Double the space of the room

Large environments will be much more so if you dare to decorate any of your walls with large mirrors. Bet on a frame that blends in with the rest of the decoration for a more linear image, or go on the contrary with a groundbreaking initiative that proclaims this piece the undisputed protagonist of the space.

Full body

Although it seems that this type of mirror only finds its place in dressing rooms or hallways, nothing of that. In our bedroom he will be equally welcome if you find a place where his presence is clearly comfortable for you. During the day, it will help you to multiply natural light, and at night, the play of ambient light in the room together with its reflection, will make your most intimate place as comfortable as it is magical.

Protagonists of your decoration

Especially in rooms where monochrome reigns, incorporating contrast in both style and finish can give a radical change to the harmony and elegance of the space. From classic to chic, from contemporary to ethnic, from Nordic to Renaissance. Endless fusions to explore that will not leave you indifferent.

Amplitude but also contrast

That it performs its function but that it is also noticeable That is part of the decoration and that culminates it with its presence. An initiative as functional as it is aesthetic that will provide results of marked character and personality. You will get the same effect if you dare to incorporate several in a row as if it were a diptych or triptych.

As you can see, decorating with large mirrors can offer you a multitude of possibilities as decorative as interesting with which to enhance the style and space of your rooms will be a piece of cake.


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