30 Ideas to store beautiful and original shoes


Shoes often become a problem to store, especially when they are already starting to accumulate. There are actually many creative options we can put into practice, so here are a few ideas for storing shoes.


If you just remodeled your house and are thinking of ways to reuse your cabinets or shelves, you can use them to store your shoes, doing a small remodeling of the shelves.

The bedroom is one of the most comfortable spaces to store shoes, although in the clothes closet it is a bit unsanitary, so these ideas are perfect.

It is one of the favorite and simplest ways. You can take advantage of a bookcase that you no longer use or buy in stores where there are already designed in various sizes of width and length. They are practical to store and find, as well as not to pile up on the ground.


If you want to make a space in your home, hanging them on the wall or on the bedroom door is another of the best ideas for storing shoes. In addition to keeping them tidy in one place, it will reduce the mess in the bedroom and keep them clean.

It’s a good way to not take up space on the floor and keep everything very organized and orderly. An old ladder can also be used.

Fabric organizers

Canvas hanging organizers are a good way to store shoes without taking space from your clothes. You can make or buy them in any store.

If you have a space under the bed, you can use the horizontal organizers, which have several very practical compartments.

Creative DIY ideas

Look for items in your home that can be used in an unconventional but highly functional way. Shoes do not have to be stored in a formal way, many things can be transformed into a good organizer.

An old mail sorter can do a good job as a place for your shoes.

PVC pipes can be cut for storage.

Triangular shelves can be made from cardboard.

Pallets can be used.


If you are going to keep them in your closet, try to put them in such a way that they do not accumulate dust, for example a box. It is best if you keep them in transparent organizers so that you can find them easily.

Some of the options presented simply take advantage of the proposals that the current wide market offers us, since more and more many pieces of furniture have special places to place the shoes in an orderly way; while others make use of ingenuity and create beautiful boxes and shoe organizers, which can be both horizontal and vertical, depending on the place we have for their placement.

In the hall

One of the things that many times have no place in our home are shoes, and when families are large, they contribute more easily to disorder and chaos in the home. That is why we wanted to present you several ideas, which also contribute not only to the order of the spaces but also to the decoration.

The proposals try to find the maximum use of the space while becoming another element of the decoration.

When you return with your wet shoes there is no better idea than to leave them outside, but if you must take them indoors, you can place them on a surface that can drain and dry the surface. You can fill a tray with river stones or make a mat out of wine corks.


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