7 decorating rules you can break


Sometimes the rules are there to break. As far as decoration is concerned, there are certain rules that you can skip and, maybe even you should… And why not? It can be fun and if we know how to do it well we will be able to design a unique and different interior design. We open our minds and put creativity to work. These are some of the statements that we are going to dismantle. What comes up!

1.- Do not mix different decorative styles

You may love the Nordic style and want to decorate your entire home in this way. But why can’t you mix it with another one that you also like? It is about designing spaces in which you can introduce elements of different styles that, well combined, offer a spectacular result.

We remind you of this article in which we talk about eclectic decoration and that can give you some clues on how to mix different elements.

2.- Do not use dark colors in small spaces

The standard tells us that light colors help us visually make a small space appear larger. But also using a dark color can help to gain depth. Use it on any of the walls of the room, painting it in a strong tone or placing a wallpaper with a powerful pattern.

3.- Everything, in its place

But what is that site? Who tells you that you can’t put a swing in your kitchen or a painting in the bathroom? In this I do believe that there are no rules, except your own. Let your imagination fly and place the decorative elements where you like the most.

4.- Don’t mix prints

If you like to decorate with patterns, the norm will tell you to place them on rather neutral backgrounds. But I encourage you to break it by mixing designs that, a priori, may not combine quite well. Although maybe yes.

It is a somewhat risky decoration because we can make the mistake of making mixtures that are not very successful. However, it is a matter of testing. Do it first in small doses, for example, trying to mix cushions with different prints. You can combine stripes with polka dots and flowers with squares. And, if you dare, do it with larger surfaces. If they more or less have a similar style and color, it can look really good on you.

5.- Hanging and centered pictures

-+We have always placed the pictures centered with respect to the center of the sofa, the headboard of the bed, of any piece of furniture. Centered between them. And hanging on the wall. Well, let’s do something else. Hang them where you want, without taking action. Or don’t even hang them up. I love how they are supported on the floor or on a shelf or piece of furniture. Thus, in addition, you avoid making holes in your walls.

6.- Do not mix old and modern furniture

I invite you to break this rule and combine modern and antique furniture. You can create really wonderful compositions with spectacular contrasts. And it is that many times there are old elements that age so well that they are fantastic placed next to other current ones.

7.- If the wallpaper is very striking, put it only on one wall

I have to tell you that if there is one rule of all these that I would be afraid to break, it is precisely this. I always tend at least is more and, in this case, putting a striking wallpaper on all the walls of a room I think it would cost me.

But maybe you love this idea, so if you dare that nothing prevents you from filling your walls with color and placing a wallpaper on all of them.

And for you, which of these rules would be more difficult for you to skip? Do you have any others you would like to add?


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