8 DIY ideas to encourage you to show off in your home


Whether you are a handyman or if you like to show off the most personalized furniture and decoration in your home, I bet that the DIY ideas that we show you today will help you sharpen your ingenuity, will awaken the handyman within you and will captivate you by their high originality, functionality and also simplicity when starting them up yourself. So do not lose detail because they have no waste. The tricky thing will be deciding which one to start with!

A practical shelf for the kitchen

Any practical solution for organizing and ordering the kitchen will be welcome in it. And it is that having open storage with little depth that contains, for example, everyday glasses, breakfast cups and for example those ingredients that you do not lack in any recipe, will be a great way to have them as visible as in the hand in order to save time and gain comfort and speed throughout the day. Shallow buckets that serve as a point of support, individual hooks to hang cups or utensils, notches to insert the neck of glasses … any initiative will be welcome if you gain functionality in a room that is so appreciated.

Improvise a mini dressing room

If you need a solution that will act as a makeshift dressing room, here is one of the cheap and beautiful closets that will make a great role for you at home. And it is that the passage of time, changes in the family, the redistributions of spaces or the mixture of each and every one of these factors, can lead to the need to have some more closet in our humble abode. So among our DIY ideas could not miss a very beautiful and original to help you put one of these into practice, don’t you think?

New area to hang the kitchenware

Single pallet slats and a good handful of tines can be all you need to add extra functionality to your kitchen. And decorating walls with pallets while you do it can become an idea as simple as it is attractive and functional. Without a doubt, a great idea to decongest your closets while giving your space a touch of personal and daring.

New towel rack

Some wooden rods of the sectional shape that you like the most and some leather strips, can become the perfect pairing to materialize a towel rack or hanger for your most current and trendy clothes on any of your walls at home. Isn’t that a simple and different bet to show off a magazine wall?


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