80+ Modern House Facades 2020

Modern house facades 2020

We will show you lots of ideas and photos of modern house facades, so you can make your home look contemporary and fabulous. Like the interior decoration, the facade will depend on your taste and the style you want to give the house.

Architecture is in continuous evolution. So much so, that new trends are continually emerging, both in designs, materials and colors. For facades, contemporary architecture is reinvented and adapted, taking many unusual forms that make them unique and vibrant, while trying to make them increasingly sustainable and effective.

Design and style of fronts of modern houses

Architecture, like decoration, has its current trends. But unlike the choice of colors used in the home, which can be easily replaced, the structural walls cannot be altered from one year to the next. And as the consumer gets smarter, architectural trends are pushed aside a bit, prioritizing design that has a sense of longevity.

Geometric forms

For the design of facades of houses both small and large, the trends revolve around the creation of voluptuous geometric and imposing shapes, you can even see aerodynamic compositions that make architecture the nerve center of your environment.

Public buildings, offices, hotels or large shopping centers try to use materials that are easy to install, resistant and durable.


It is about playing with the texture of the materials used. Contrasting textures can be used, for example using the same material with two different levels of finish, one matte and the other glossy. This trend has been increasing in the field of interiors and is now spreading outwards.

Some materials that provide a beautiful texture by themselves are also used. Bricks are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the new, longer forms that are now available. This texture trend brings a level of craftsmanship to the outdoors.


Sustainability is another of the trends of modern facades. When a building is energy efficient, it is also more comfortable and more economical. It is about reducing energy consumption, reducing greenhouse emissions and using renewable energy.

Natural finishes

It is also about the facade of the house being in harmony with the environment. For this, natural materials such as wood, brick or stone are usually used.


Wooden facades

Wood is a classic in decoration, and facades are no exception. Used for thousands of years, this material still feels chosen for its cozy look and affordable price. Make sure it is treated wood and don’t forget to keep it periodically, so that it resists the passage of time and inclement weather. If you don’t take care of it, the sun and rain can wreak havoc on the wood.

Stone house facades

Stone is another classic and elegant solution for a modern decoration. As with wood, these materials have been used for thousands of years and are recognized for their qualities of aesthetics and insulation. In addition, it is undoubtedly one of the most resistant materials that can be found in the construction of houses.

It is the material par excellence if you want to get a rustic facade.


Over the past few years, bricks have made a strong comeback, both inside homes and on facades. They are also being used to block the wind or breeze on both balconies and terraces. The bricks will gain momentum and there will surely be new ways of working with them in the years to come.

Now this ancient and classic building material (the Romans used it exceptionally well) is making a comeback and bringing its warmth to the facades. It is not being used in entire houses, but is used to improve the shape of the building on some walls, along with other materials, joined in a very contemporary way.

Weathered, industrial-style bricks are also being used.

Polished concrete facades

This is another of the materials that are being used a lot. If mixed with touches of metal and wood, it can give the house a very interesting industrial look.

Concrete evokes some of the postwar modernist homes of the 1960s and 1970s. It really changes the atmosphere of a house, making it feel very special.

Windows, doors and openings in general tend to be very minimalist.


There are also ceramics for exterior cladding that contribute to the energy efficiency of the house, improve sound insulation and require very little maintenance.

Plastics, metals and glass

They are also a solution to give a modern look. This type of coating offers great durability and resistance to different climatic conditions. They are perfect materials to add texture and interest to minimalist facades.


Many new materials exist, which withstand adverse weather conditions and offer high durability. They resist sudden changes in temperature, humidity or aridity with great efficiency. A clear example of this is, for example, the Krion of Porcelanosa. A very versatile product that allows finishes in many styles, from rustic to minimalist.

Lighting modern facades

In general, indirect lights, which illuminate part of the walls, are the most widely used today. It is a way to highlight architectural details and materials.

Small house facades

Small houses can also look fabulous with construction trends. Take a look at these examples.


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