A shabby chic Christmas table to copy

A shabby chic Christmas table to copy

This year you can opt for the traditional red and green table or for a shabby chic festive atmosphere. Here are the details of the dressage of your table, from the arrangement of the runner to that of the dishes, with some tips for decorating the fir to stay on the theme.

Here are some ideas for a Christmas table decoration in a chabby chic Victorian style: sparkling and feminine, elegant and delicious.

Step 1: create a vegetable and bright runner

For an Art Nouveau style table you have to opt for a family table in cream color.

If you have a dark table, cover it with a white or cream-colored tablecloth or opt for a light table runner, to create the right contrast that will make the setting chabby.

The choice of flowers: choose plants that are not very complicated, that do not wilt quickly so that they remain discreet throughout the meal.

Recommended plants for the centerpiece are:

  • Mimosa foliage
  • Statice
  • Veronique
  • Populous red eucalyptus
  • Alstroemeria
  • Branchy Rose

Arrange the branches and foliage in the same direction or in both directions. In this case, they will be clearly visible, regardless of where you sit.

Along this green path, place several small pots, all filled with a bunch of well-tied natural flowers. Multiply the pots to take up less space than a large composition and lighten the decor. Then place the candlesticks in the center of the table and on the sides, to keep your guests safe from the flames.

Professional advice: for small bouquets, or for the arrangement of the vegetable runner inspired by the garden! create small simple compositions like the ones you would create in nature, during a walk. Flowers must “live”.

The choice of colors:

The green of the branches, coordinated with the gray, could be softened and enriched by sparkling ears of pink. A few touches of violet give depth to the whole.

Step 2: set the Christmas table

Choose 3 different dishes, of different sizes, the largest serving as a set of tables. The play of brilliance, form and style to which they lend themselves will enchant guests. The flower shape of a porcelain dish can be opposed to the raw appearance of a plate. Finally, place the cutlery and glasses.

Step 3: Decorate your Christmas table with little touches

To the right of each plate, a few centimeters from the knife, place a small gift for your guests like a small metal box filled with sweets

Step 4: when the gastronomy participates in the decoration of the Christmas table

With sandwiches you can draw Christmas trees, or you can use food for many other decorations. During the Christmas meal, table decoration is essential, but be careful not to neglect the furnishings of the living room and the tree.

Christmas is a family celebration, do not hesitate to highlight some objects that are dear to you; they will find their place and participate in your decor, making your heart reflect on beautiful memories.


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