Always clean bathroom: 5 golden rules to be implemented in no more than 10 minutes

Always clean bathroom 5 golden rules to be implemented in no more than 10 minutes

Keeping the bathroom always clean can be a challenge for us women who are always super busy but with the right products and some make-up here and there it will be enough for you 10 minutes a day to have a clean and fragrant bathroom.

It’s all about organization. For us super busy women, it is always like this: keeping the house in order, taking care of the children, giving the right importance to the husband, making a career progress and finding some time also for the friends is a matter of interlocking amazing and games worthy of a magician.

Time is short and must be used to the fullest, an objective for which a lot of spirit of organization is needed but, above all, the right supports. today wants to give you some valuable suggestions precisely in this sense. To start
we will focus on one of the most demanding and difficult cleaning operations for us women: cleaning the bathroom. Between boys who take a shower leaving a real swamp in the bathroom, children who play sailors during the bath and passing guests who are not yet experts in the use of sanitary ware, the bathroom needs constant care and, often, not properly hurried.

However, there are some products whose support will be particularly useful to make such cleaning easier and faster. All this, combined with some “master moves”, will make cleaning the bathroom a game to be done in no more than ten minutes a day.

Guaranteed success!

Always clean bathroom with 10 minutes of effort per day (and the right products)

As with any self-respecting battle, even the dirty one in the bathroom must be fought with the right weapons. We recommend the following:

  • A microfiber cloth
  • Two sponges for cleaning surfaces (those usually used for dishes will also be fine)
  • 1 disinfectant spray without rinsing
  • 1 toilet deodorant
  • Sanitizing floor cleaner

In addition to all this, bicarbonate, a natural and non-invasive detergent, can also be useful.

Once the right arsenal has been collected, all that remains is to get to work. The first move will consist in preparing the battlefield: via mats, towels and bathrobes, so as to have an area of ​​action as free as possible.

First let’s take care of the unpleasant toilet: clean it entirely with a good disinfectant spray sanitizer, possibly without rinsing so as not to waste time rinsing: the important thing is that it remains clean and fragrant for a long time, so that next time the work to be make it reduced to a minimum: we recommend a toilet deodorant, such as the Bref Power Activ or similar.

While the spray works, go to the mirror, which you will clean with a slightly dampened microfibre cloth: the halos will be averted by the microfibre and everything will shine in a moment.

Now let’s find out what the two sponges will be for. Both will be needed to clean up the past areas with the sanitizing spray: one will be used for sink, tub and shower, while the second for bidet and toilet. In this way they will not come into contact, guaranteeing greater hygiene.

Last step the floors. A quick passage of vacuum cleaner and then off to a sanitizing detergent to be passed quickly with the rag: everything will be germ-proof in just over two minutes.

The key to success will be to use effective products to fight germs in order to obtain maximum hygiene in one pass. To this we combine a toilet deodorant that can keep bad smells at bay and … that’s it!

Ten minutes and your bathroom will be an icon of cleanliness. Seeing is believing!


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