Baby Room Design 2021: +35 photos, trends


If you are planning to assemble your baby’s bedroom, here you will find a lot of ideas and tips to design and decorate baby rooms, so that in addition to looking pretty, they are practical and comfortable, both for the little one and for the parents.

It does not take a lot of money, with a little ingenuity and good taste, you can achieve a pleasant and functional space, so that little one can grow in a stimulating room.

1-Comfort at the time of change

Make sure everything is within walking distance of the changing table. Diapers, wipes, soiled diaper pails, hygiene products, bibs, pacifiers, clothing, and anything else you consider necessary should be close at hand. Remember that the baby cannot be left without attention for a second, since there is always the risk of her falling, especially when she begins to move and roll.

2-Keep the order

Keep in mind that you will go to the nursery in the middle of the night. Any object that is in the way can cause you to fall or trip. A rug, a toy, a book, anything can be dangerous. That is why it is important to have good storage spaces, so that everything is in order and stored each time it is finished using.

3-Washable wallpaper

An easy solution to keep the walls in good aesthetic and hygienic condition is to use washable wallpaper. You can consider the possibility of wallpapering only the wall most exposed to possible dirt.


Make sure the lighting in the baby’s bedroom allows you to simulate the time of night, a heavy curtain that provides enough spare, so that the baby can sleep peacefully all his naps Bright light means it is time of day to stay up and have fun, so your baby may not fall asleep, even if he is in a very bad mood. To get his eyes to close, the gloom is the most appropriate. It is also important, install a night light, dim and soft.

5-Choose a theme and color

A very simple way to find inspiration is to choose a theme. For example, animals, trips, personals from a children’s book, trees, etc. This will give cohesion to the decoration and harmony. Based on this you can choose the colors of the walls, paintings, bedspreads, cushions and other decorative elements that make up a bedroom.

The wisest thing is not to surround the little one with gender stereotypes. The time has passed when if it was a girl, pink was used, and a boy, light blue. There are many colors that are perfect for both genders and fun and educational toys for both. Remember that the baby will spend many hours looking at those walls, so a nice color and interesting decoration will be perfect to stimulate his senses.

The use of pastel colors on the walls is recommended, so that the baby remains calm, but remember to add touches of intense color in the decorative elements, to stimulate his senses. Girls do not need to be surrounded by princess elements, just as boys do not have to be surrounded by soccer balls or basketballs. Let them choose what they like as they grow.


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