Brick floor designs and step by step

Brick floor designs and step by step

The brick floor has that timeless charm, creating warm and inviting atmospheres not achievable with ceramic tile.

Even if new bricks are used, the trail still looks like it’s been there for a long time, especially when garden plants line the edges.

Choose the design

There are many ways to lay bricks on rustic pavement, here you will find a good selection of photos of different designs of how to lay bricks or stones on a garden soil or path.

You can use recycled bricks or pavers simply laid on a bed of sand. Placing them is much easier than it seems, below we will explain step by step how to place them on sand.

How to make a brick floor step by step

When designing a garden we must not only think about the vegetation, but also about the complete design. One of the most important elements to consider are the roads or trails, which invite you to walk around and enjoy the outdoor spaces either to mark the entrance to the house or simply to generate different spaces. Here you will see how easy it is to make a rustic brick path in your garden yourself.

First of all you must decide based on the use that the road will have, if it is heavily traveled or not, if you place the bricks simply sitting on a layer of sand, or on sand with mortar. On sand they will be less stable but they will have their charm with that informal and old air, especially if the terrain has gentle undulations.

Calculate the total area of the road, to know the amount of material to use. Keep in mind that for two people to walk together the minimum width must be 90 cm. Diagram the space, placing stakes to delimit the edges and join with thread or create a board with chipboard to shape the curves, lay on one side of the path, when most of the bricks are already in place. other side to create the other edge. Place the bricks settling them well in the sand and leveling them with the help of a level. It is convenient that they maintain a slight slope to the sides so that the water runs easily to the sides.

You must place them following a pattern, in this case this is the drawing that has been chosen.

Once all the bricks are in place, make sure there are no gaps between them, so that they are firm. It is best to make a mixture of sand with mortar and spread it with a broom between the grooves and then add plenty of water and wait a few days until it sets.

Or simply perform the same sand finishing procedure, but you run the risk that in a short time it will look like this, which is not bad if you want to maintain a very natural style.


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