5 ways to clean a laminate floor and make it shine

5 ways to clean a laminate floor and make it shine

“Learning how to clean laminate flooring is easier than it sounds. Keep these specific cares in mind so that yours is flawless.”

Laminate flooring has become a trend in interior remodeling, because, in addition to resembling wood, it is more economical and easier to care for. What many do not know is that in order for its useful life to be prolonged and not to lose its shine, certain specific care must be taken. Don’t you know? Don’t worry, we teach you everything about how to clean laminate flooring.

Using a soft bristle broom is key in how to clean laminate flooring

A feature of laminate flooring is that it is very susceptible to scratches when we let scratches build up on it, so sweeping should be a daily chore. For this, the main recommendation is to use a soft bristle broom.

Another alternative about cleaning a laminate floor is vacuuming instead of sweeping. You can even use a soft brush in the direction of the tablets or tiles in order to remove the dirt that remains between the lines on the floor.

If something is watered on the laminate floor, clean it immediately

Compared to floors such as porcelain and ceramic, the laminate is usually a little more delicate, not only with scratches, but also with factors such as humidity. Therefore, there is a specific recommendation if something is watered on the floor: clean immediately.

When you clean the laminate flooring immediately it is watered somewhat, helping to prevent moisture from staining or damaging the protective layer. Keep this in mind.

Hot water is more than recommended if you don’t know how to clean laminate flooring

Using hot water is highly recommended if you are considering how to clean a laminate floor. It turns out that water is the liquid that least affects the layer that protects this floor, being the mildest cleaner that exists.

What should you do? Put to heat water, until it is warm, and take it to a bucket. Lightly wet the mop and begin cleaning from the center to the ends. Prevent the floor from puddling, as this can backfire. Open windows to dry faster, although you can also use a microfiber cloth.

How to clean laminate floors with vinegar?

We know that you may have asked yourself this question, because vinegar – a natural antiseptic – has almost become the king of the home when it comes to cleaning. On its own, vinegar can be abrasive to the floor, but mixed with water, it will be your best ally.

To clean the laminate floor with vinegar it is only necessary to mix it with water in an atomizer. It can be 1 quarter of vinegar and three quarts of water. You can also add a couple of lemon drops. This solution will be especially useful when the floor is muddy. Use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the floor.

Eraser and polish remover, two elements for better cleaning of laminate flooring

If what you want is to clean the marks that the heels leave on the laminate floor, the most recommended so that you do not try so hard and do not scratch the floor, is to use a rubber eraser. We explain it to you because there are many concerns about this topic.

As for the stains of wine, ink or soft drinks, you can use a little hydrogen peroxide mixed with soap to remove them. Moistening a cloth with nail polish remover and rubbing the stain also works.


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