7 Color Combinations to Decorate in Spring


The perception of colors is directly influenced by the amount of light in a place. And spring is the season that marks a significant turning point in the calendar. The days with pleasant temperatures are also the ones chosen to undertake some domestic projects. For example, paint the walls in a different color. We give you seven ideas of beautiful combinations to decorate in spring.

1.Green and gold

Green is one of the most prominent shades in nature. A base that is present in many landscapes. Therefore, its presence in the home also produces a pleasant relaxing effect. With what tone to combine it? Gold forms a timeless ensemble with this element. The effect of gold, integrated in small doses, brings sophistication and elegance in a context with such a natural finish.

The metallic touch of gold can be present in specific details, for example, in lamps, on cabinet door handles and mirrors.

2.Different woods

This material stands out for its frequent use in home decoration. But the tone of the wood is not identical in all cases and circumstances. A room can show a perfect combination of elements that maintain this common thread, but present different shades.

The light wood furniture transmits less visual weight than other cabinets made in a darker tone and that, however, stand out for their presence.

3.Green and beige

Sometimes a total white or beige decoration can be a bit flat. And the addition of other accessories, which print more prominent contrasts on that previous basis, gives a new life to that landscape.

What is the predominant color of a composition? This is one of the questions you can ask yourself to plan the space that you are going to redecorate in spring. The predominant tone is the most abundant, the one that draws attention to the naked eye.

4.Blue and beige

The colors of nature offer you constant inspiration to decorate your home with style. Blue connects with the image of different moments of spring. Watching the sea in motion or seeing the clarity of the sky are two relaxing experiences. This color, like green or earth tones, contribute to the creation of an inviting atmosphere.

And one of the advantages of this shade is that it combines with many others. For example, it complements very well with beige. The fusion of both elements gives rise to a serene and harmonious environment. A scenario with these characteristics evolves positively throughout the year, updating itself with small changes in each season.

5.White, gray and pink

When making a combination of colors, you can not only use a composition of two elements but also of three. White, gray and pink are ingredients that create a very bright environment. The pink adds a sweet touch to the decoration.

6.White and earth tones

The earth tones promote this connection with the landscape. Some of the materials that become more relevant in spring decoration are framed in this tonality. Wicker is an example of this with its elegant sand color. The combination of white with earth tones is also timeless.

7.Blue, white and lilac

The metaphor of spring is an invitation to dream of new beginnings and opportunities. A creativity that is also transferred to the home with the proposal of original combinations like this one.

One of the fashionable shades in the decoration of 2021 is yellow. A tone that transmits joy and that can also be part of the combination you use to dress your home.


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