Colors for kitchen 2020: Trends and Images

Colors for kitchen 2020: Trends and Images

Decorating a kitchen can be a difficult task, however following a few steps makes the task easier. First you must analyze the space of your kitchen, choose what style you want according to your tastes and then choose the colors that suit you best. Here we show you ideas to inspire you when choosing colors for the kitchen.

The trends foreseen for 2020, suggest a range of colors in different shades, sober neutrals such as greige, gray and white, palettes dominated by natural tones such as green and intense shades such as navy blue. Gone are the days when kitchen cabinets were just a plain, neutral color.


White kitchens are a classic that will never go out of style. White not only easily adapts to other colors, but also goes hand in hand with timeless design, something that is very important in the kitchen.

One of the best kitchen decorating options is to give it a futuristic look. The metallic color of stainless steel is perfect and combined with white, they give a kitchen a lot of personality.

White with colorful accessories

Vibrant color schemes will continue to be popular in 2020, with a Scandinavian focus.

A vibrant color like yellow, it makes a kitchen very cheerful and combined with white it is perfect to give lighting to the room and highlight the color.

There are no rules when choosing a color for your kitchen, but it is important that you learn to combine colors. For a monochromatic kitchen it is perfect to add color through furniture and accessories. The result is a very modern kitchen.

If you want to give your kitchen a shot of color, but don’t dare to adopt a strong color on your walls or appliances, you can add color on chairs or stools, or on the kitchen island.

If you are looking instead, within trends, for a more rustic look, natural wood furniture can be an excellent option, which will also look fabulous in contrast to white walls.

You can use various colors in your kitchen and create a unique and original combination. A lot of color can be added, for example in openings such as doors and windows.

As you can see in the photos, the vibrant colors occupy an important place in what are the trends in decoration, being able to opt for more intense shades also for the kitchen, such as shades of vibrant orange, yellow, deep pink and red.

Colors that work very well with the shine of stainless steel, so if you are about to equip the kitchen from scratch or change the appliances, you can take these colors into account when choosing.

White and wood

White or wood finish kitchen cabinets have dominated kitchen design for the past several decades. White became a staple color in contemporary and modern designs due to its timeless appeal and the ability to brighten spaces.

Wooden kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are also a traditional staple due to their classic appearance and natural warmth.

Therefore, if you don’t want to risk with colors like those mentioned above, white and wood will always be a good choice.


This is another of the classic colors that never goes out of style, but that this year is being used more than in previous years. Pale gray pairs well with white marble counter tops and black appliances.

Gray is considered the “new neutral” in interior design. Today, we see it on walls, floors, furniture, finishing materials, lighting fixtures, and even decorative items. And of course, warm shades of gray can be used to paint kitchen cabinets.

It is a perfect color for those who consider white to be too boring. It shares the same attributes that make white color a favorite in the kitchen, as it offers neutrality. But gray is more discreet.

Gray kitchen cabinets offer flexibility and versatility when mixing and matching accessories. Like white, gray works as a perfect backdrop for introducing splashes of color, in either warm or cool tones. You can add a striking color, such as yellow, orange, or green, to brighten the room.

Although the lighter shades of gray will never have the luminosity of white, some paint manufacturers offer cooler shades such as cloud gray, which can help create a cleaner, more informal and comfortable kitchen atmosphere.

Gray kitchen cabinets also provide a sleek, sophisticated look for modern kitchens. When combined with black and white quartz countertops, they provide a faded canvas that highlights other accessories. At the same time it adds depth when combined with other colors. They can highlight metal handles, stainless steel appliances, or white walls.

There are several shades of gray that can be used, but the ones that are the most fashionable this coming season are the shades that belong to the “medium to dark” end of the spectrum, such as graphite, smoke gray, ash gray, charcoal, slate gray. , pebble and iron.


Greige is also another modern neutral that continues to gain ground in home d├ęcor. It is a raw color that brings a lot of elegance.

In short, “greige” is the combination of the colors “gray” and “beige”. Beige is a traditional neutral that provides a relaxed atmosphere and is hassle-free when it comes to mixing and matching. The gray color, on the other hand, is a modern neutral that can be used to create elegant and sophisticated spaces. Therefore, the combination of both in one color is a very good choice.

The combination of gray and beige creates a richer hue that is well suited to any type of color scheme. Traditional beige can sometimes be difficult to match due to their yellow undertones, but adding gray to a beige base solves these complications and gives you the ability to blend well with cooler colors.

For this reason, greige is very flexible, as it can be adapted to different shades. The amount of gray tint added to it can be adjusted at different levels in order to obtain a warm or cold neutral point. The more it leans toward gray, the more it turns into neutral cold. The stronger the beige influence, the warmer the greige becomes.

Greige cabinets project a perfect balance of warm and cool tones. If you love gray, but are concerned that the kitchen feels too cold, then greige may be the perfect alternative. Cabinets in this color are a combination of elegance, sophistication and power of neutral colors. It offers versatility and flexibility in terms of mixing and compatibility, as it can be combined with most colors and finishes.

If the greige leans more towards gray, it can be combined with complementary shades such as blue and white to create a refreshing outline. While beige predominates, it can be combined with dark countertops or dark woods to achieve a nice contrast. Greige wardrobes also pair nicely with gold accessories for more glamor, while for those who want to introduce a pop of vibrant color into the space they can pair it with yellow.

It is a good option to add color to the kitchen in a subtle way. In this rustic kitchen, the furniture highlights the color even more.

Pale pink

This color has been in use for several years, but this year it is a paler shade, less caramel. It is a color that, used in the right measure, can add a lot of sophistication.

Pale old pink looks beautiful combined with white and wood.

But there is also another elegant combination: pink and dark gray.


Green is a very versatile color, bringing peace and freshness at the same time, and is especially perfect for the kitchen. We will show you the different shades that will be used this year, each with its own special character.

Bluish green pine and opal

This beautiful pine green color can result in a vibrant and energizing space, as we see in these images.

Or the green opal, as we see below. Another shade of very saturated green.


It is one of the favorite colors at the moment, we see it applied in many spaces in the home. It is a very fresh color, which can add some sophistication.

It is also very elegant, especially when combined with neutral colors. It is perfect to implement it in closets.


Using this color is another great way to bring the room to life without overwhelming it. The shades used this year are a little more grayish than the ones used last year.

For those who want to give a different touch to the kitchen, but do not dare to use strong colors, pastels are an excellent option. They can be used together with neutrals or woods. Used to highlight certain features, they can create a truly amazing space.


Pearl blue

Dark blue pearl is one of the most important trends in the kitchen and bathroom. Blue is considered by many to be a rare choice when it comes to cooking, because this color suppresses appetite. However, it is being used extensively to bring kitchen cabinets to life.

It offers a way to add a touch of color to this room, without being too overwhelming or too boring. Dark blue kitchen cabinets are also calming and stand out when placed in a neutral environment.

In the same way that a pair of dark jeans goes with everything, blue cabinets work well with any kitchen style. Although this color is not as flexible as neutrals (such as white or shades of gray), it suits very well with most color schemes, especially when balanced with a shade of gray.

Ultramarine blue

From deep, dark blue to teal, blue is the current trend when it comes to kitchens. However, brighter shades like overseas are also popular.

It is a very original tone and gives a modern look to the room. It is a perfect color to create contrasts, for example with wood and white.

Two colors

Another trend that we are seeing in the kitchens is to paint the upper and lower cabinets in two different colors. This trend has begun to pick up this year and will continue to be for years to come.

This trend started with painting the kitchen island in a contrasting color, but now this idea has spread to the entire kitchen. Most kitchens today tend to combine two colors in their upper and lower cabinets. This adds a lot of depth and dimension to the space.

Usually a neutral is combined with a striking earth-inspired color. This combo makes both colors stand out and enhance. Some popular two-tone combinations are neutral and dark shades, such as grays, blacks, taupes combined with other more vibrant colors, such as green or blue.

Other nice combinations can be gray and green, cold gray and warm gray or different shades of natural wood and black.

If you want to give your kitchen more depth, a great idea is to paint the upper cabinets a slightly different shade than the lower cabinets. For example, teal and mint combine very well.


As long as the kitchen has plenty of natural light, black can be a very stimulating choice. White elements such as tile or marble can be added to keep it from being too overwhelming.

Black and white is the perfect combination for a kitchen. They are two colors that together create elegance and also give a clean look to the room. You can use white on walls and black on cabinets to achieve a beautiful balance.


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