The harmony and contrast of colors in home decoration

The harmony and contrast of colors in home decoration

Harmony is a concept that has a special relevance not only in the home decoration plane, but also in the context of happiness. The house is a living space. Therefore, this search for balance and proportion goes beyond the visual aspect. And yet, it is through the sense of sight that a person observes details of the environment such as color or patterns. In turn, the image of each color is not perceived in isolation but in its relationship with the other chromatic properties that make up this home decoration puzzle. It is this relationship of different shades dressing a space that reaches its balance through decorative harmony.

Color is so important in design that the same space projects a different image depending on the use of this creative resource. This search for harmony through color is also in connection with the characteristics of the space to be decorated and its practical function. Light tones, for example, promote calm in the bedroom.

Monochromatic harmony in decoration

Beyond the desire to enhance this ingredient in decoration, it is not always easy to achieve this effect.

But there are some formulas that simplify this creative experience. Monochromatic harmony, for example, uses the common thread of the same tone that presents different shades. You can use the chromatic circle to get inspired by this proposal.

Chromatic contrast in decoration

Just as an artist prints a universe on a painting that allows a color analysis, this ingredient can also stand out due to the effect of a striking contrast between two complementary tones in home decoration. Artistic decoration is very present in the home when the selected works embellish the walls of a room.

Contrast of light and dark in home decoration

The harmony of the color also reaches its perfection with the reinforcement of those contrasts that highlight some details. There are different colors that achieve this contrast based on the use of a light and a dark tone, black and white are the main ones.

This type of contrast is common in home decoration.

Combination of three colors in the decoration

Color is very important in home decoration and, however, despite the fact that there are different shades, it is convenient to limit the number of elements to three. This composition of three elements has an order that revolves around a scheme in which one of the tones acts as a base on which the other two elements stand out.

One of the complementary shades adds the note of color, brings vitality to said previous base. And, in turn, between both proposals there is a connecting link in the element that completes this creation.

Dominant color in the decoration of a space

Each tone has its level of importance. The dominant color, as its name indicates, is one that has a great role in the space. A tone that not only stands out on its own but also establishes a relationship with the environment.

The white color is one of the tones used as the main one in the decoration of the living room or kitchen, for example. A tone that is complemented by other materials so common in houses such as wood. The choice of the dominant tone limits the selection of the colors that are added on this basis.

The harmony and contrast of colors in home decoration therefore show different ways of creating visual beauty in the interior of the home.


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