Crafts to decorate the house 30 beautiful and cheap ideas


We will show you below, a few ideas on how to make crafts at home, easy, cheap and most importantly, very decorative.

Tree-shaped painted coat rack

We show you a decoration idea that is very original: a painted coat rack. It is a decoration idea with style and at the same time practical and functional, to hang bags or clothes. It’s easy to do, cheap, and a lot of fun. We will tell you the materials you need and the steps to follow.

Materials and tools

Wooden or MDF board
Painter’s tape
Hooks for nailing in wood

Step by Step

Make a coat rack design and draw it on the surface of the table in pencil. You can help yourself with a ruler, compass and other instruments.

Before painting, cover the spaces you don’t want to paint with painter’s tape. You must ensure that it is perfect.

With a cutter, you can help cut the excess tape on the surface.

With a cutter, you can help cut the excess tape on the surface.

Wait the necessary time for the paint to dry and then, once it is dry, you must remove the tape. Finally, screw the hooks into the surface with a screwdriver and voila!

Rustic clock

A simple and very beautiful way to create an accent on the walls, can be the simple rustic clock that we present to you, which basically consists of using a slice of the trunk of a tree; idea that is especially recommended for those who want to give a rustic touch to the decoration.

It is a proposal that has a lot to offer, since it can become a true accent in the living room, bedroom and even the kitchen, and it is very easy and economical to do.


Section of a log
Clock mechanism
Clock hands

Step by Step

1) After having the trunk section, you must proceed to make a hole with a hole in the center of it, through which the union of the mechanism with the hands will pass.

2) As we mentioned before, those who deem it appropriate can choose to give it a coat of varnish, to accentuate the beauty of the wood. Finally, you can indicate the number twelve as a guide, since it is an extremely simple and abstract watch.

Table lined with decoupage paper

Do you want to learn how to decorate your own table? Here are the steps to follow to make this beautiful DIY in your home. To start you must take the table where you want to do it, you should know that precisely, the idea of this decoration is to be able to “change the table” without having to buy a new one.

The materials that you should get are

Decoupage paper
Thin metal plate
Decoupage glue
Decoupage varnish
Bread gum

1) We will start by cleaning the table with a damp cloth and letting it dry before starting the decoration.

2) Then we place the decoupage paper on the table, to make sure that it covers the entire surface.

3) We take out the paper momentarily and apply the first layer of decoupage glue, without exceeding ourselves, to ensure that the thickness is uniform.

4) Now we fold the paper back onto the surface covered with glue, making sure not to leave bubbles between the table and the paper. We always recommend placing more paper than necessary, so that it protrudes from the table, but is never missing, so that later the excess can be removed with a cutter.

5) Wait for it to dry and proceed to apply a layer of varnish very delicately. Let dry for an hour and give a second coat.

6) To obtain the edges, you will first need to choose between a thin sheet of gold, silver or copper colored metal.

7) First you must draw with a pencil the design that you would like to apply, but on a sheet of paper (you can follow the same as the photo). You will then cut four identical triangles from the metal sheet. Only then does the most complicated work begin, which is to emboss the metal with a pencil.

8) You will see that there is a more attractive surface than the other on the metal sheet, then proceed to apply the model on the surface that you least like. Pressing with the pencil, you should mark the design that will be seen from the opposite side, that is, what you will be doing is giving it volume as well. Once the metal plate is finished, it is glued to the table as a decorative detail.

Recycling stairs

Recycling is an attitude of life, which we can adapt to our interior decoration needs. Not only is it especially suitable in today’s time so mired in crisis, which prevents us from large expenses when decorating, but it is part of a culture of saving and reusing the waste that pollutes our planet, giving a new use to something that perhaps it no longer serves its original function as much.

In this case, it is good for indoors as well as outdoors. We can take advantage of the stairs, arranging and painting them, and placing them in various rooms of the house where they will serve as shelves and decorate. You can even nail a slightly larger board to some of the rungs for larger, more comfortable shelves.

Nothing complicated, just sand, adjust a little what is damaged, give it a touch of paint or lacquer if necessary and turn it into a hanger for towels or clothes in the bedroom. If you add a layer of waterproofing, it will be a cute addition in the garden.

And in the living room they can be used to hang magazines.

Manualidades para decorar la casa con PVC

Decorar con PVC es cada día más común. Este ha resultado ser un producto que se utiliza en la industria y que también sirve para pequeñas decoraciones en el hogar, además claro está, sirve para tuberías e instalaciones domésticas. Es el producto resultado de la polimerización del monómero de cloruro de vinilo a policloruro de vinilo, y se considera que es el derivado más versátil del plástico.

To decorate with PVC you do not have to complicate much, because it is easy to use and is very resistant so you can commit yourself to beautiful ideas to decorate, as in the following image that we show you, where PVC of sufficient width is used so that we can order with great success and taking up little space, the shoes in the bedroom

While we could build a small cellar at home, without having to need a lot of space or have a lot of money, by using a wide-sized tube that allows the bottles to be placed with ease and accessibility. It is a great way to take advantage of a corner in the kitchen and while you organize, you decorate with little money and with great ease.

Painting plates and dishes with marker pen

Surely you have white dishes at home that are not pretty. In this post, we are going to tell you how you can decorate it easily and cheaply, simply using a ceramic marker and Marimekko designs.


Colored markers for ceramics
Porcelain paint
Good quality brushes (if we buy them bad, they will loosen the hairs and spoil the design)

Step by Step

The Marimekkos designs can be found in the search engine, they are very varied and beautiful.

The first thing is to choose the design and to practice a couple of times with pencil and paper. What we have to do next is to draw the design on a sheet and when it is to our liking, we cut it out and do some tests on the plate to see if it fits well and looks nice.

Once you’re sure you want it that way, start drawing the design on the plate or china. There is no rush, you can do it slowly, but in case you make a mistake, you can remove it with a little solvent.

Next, the dishes are left to dry for two days and put in the oven for 5 minutes. When finished you have to make sure that they are completely dry before storing them.

Ornaments with balloons of yarn or wool

If you are looking to make decorative arrangements for a birthday or party at home, these types of balloons are very easy to make and very cheap.


Cotton thread
Vinilic glue
1/2 cup of cornstarch
1/4 cup of hot water
Liquid Vaseline
Fishing line
Quick-drying spray paint
A container
A branch or anything to mix
Nylon to avoid staining the floor and a place to hang the balloons


1- As you might suppose, the first step is to inflate the balloons, tie them fishing line and hang them.

2- The place where you hung them must have a nylon on the floor, so as not to stain the floor.

3- Mix the cornstarch, hot water and vinyl glue in a bowl and stir until there are no lumps.

4- Pass Vaseline over the balloons until they are completely covered.

5- If you do the work in pairs, this next part will be much easier for you. They will take the cotton thread, they will pass it through the mixture in the container and then they will begin to place it in the balloon, circling it, as many as they want. It should be noted that if you intend to place a lamp inside, do not forget to leave a circle of the necessary dimensions, at the top of the globe.

6- After all the passage of the thread through the balloon, it should be left to dry for 24 hours. After this time, you can puncture the balloons and remove the pieces of glue that have remained outside the strings.

7- Once the structure is ready, take it out to the garden and paint it with the quick-drying spray. This activity should be carried out in such a way as not to be very exposed to the spray, so you can see where the wind is coming from, to know which way to work. Also be careful to put on newspapers or nylon to avoid staining things.

They will have finally been finished, ready to be hung or placed next to flower arrangements in a vase.

Crafts to decorate the house with felt

Felt is a very practical material to create crafts to decorate the house. It can be achieved in all the shades we want, since it is easy to color using dyes. If you are thinking of taking advantage of this versatile material, here we will give you some ideas.

With felt you can create beautiful machine embroidered coasters and play with designs in straight lines, zigzag, polka dots, etc.

Coaster with perforations inspired by snowflakes.

You can cover a frame with felt to give originality to your photos or to give as a gift.

You can line a tissue box to make it personalized and pretty.

You can buy a simple cushion cover and decorate it with the motif and colors that you like the most.

You can create a comfortable kit for your sewing tools.

Decorated storage boxes

A great solution to the lack of space is the incorporation of storage that in addition to allowing us to store everything that does not find a place in our home can be converted into points in our favor in the decoration. That is why today we wanted to present some original designs for decorating storage boxes.

Since the boxes of the most diverse sizes constitute one of the most effective ways to give a place to everything that does not have it, regardless of the size it has, since we can incorporate them in a huge number of dimensions.

Small boxes, for example, can be a great solution to the lack of space for, for example, our jewelry and other accessories, while larger boxes can be very useful for storing larger things such as shoes, books, clothes and a lot of other things.

And the best way to accommodate them in our home is usually to incorporate them into the decoration by decorating with colors, patterns and textures that are compatible with home decoration.

Modern kitchen clock

This is a modern and original proposal to give life to the walls of the kitchen, it is an easy craft to do, which consists of a wall clock that uses kitchen utensils as accessories such as forks and spoons.

As you will see, it is a different proposal that will print a lot of personality in your kitchens, giving a touch of distinction to this very important space in the home. And the best of all is that to achieve this they will need minimal materials and limit themselves only to following the instructions that we leave them.


6 forks and 6 spoons that can be perfectly disposable
A sheet of cardboard or other hard material that can be easily cut and also provides a rigid support (less than 5mm thick)
A clock mechanism
Purchased or homemade clock hands
Paint your favorite color


To begin, they must make a circle of an adequate diameter and according to their personal taste (more or less 20 cm), they must divide the perimeter of said circle into 12 equal spaces, in order not to alter the minutes that the clock gives and paste over each subdivision alternating a spoon – a fork.

Then you must place the clock mechanism and the needles in the center and proceed to paint, as you will see in a few steps you will have made a really accent element for your walls.

Crochet Crafts

Much can be done for interior decoration, applying ourselves to make the most of our special gifts for some crafts, such as crochet. You already know that it allows us to create all kinds of cute ideas for the home, such as covers for the bedroom or rugs for the living room, table linens for the kitchen and so much more.

Using the rustic thread we can plan a cover for the stools in the living room that will give them a rejuvenated look. But it is also a detail of great originality, and you already know that in decoration, originality is imperative.

Something as simple as a few vases in the hallway add special appeal to a room.

It is ideal for a personalized decoration, since it allows us to choose between an infinite variety of combinations of designs and colors, in addition to being a good way to renew the decoration of your rooms and rooms without having to make a large investment of money. These are works of art that require nothing more than mastering the art of crochet and finding a contrasting base that enhances and frames your work.

Below in the photos that we present you can find some proposals that can be of great inspiration to adopt this technique to home decoration, thus creating real accents in your decoration.


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