6 ideas to decorate the hall


The corridor is a room in the house that becomes a place of constant passage since this common thread connects with the different rooms located in the house. This is a recurrent place of passage but, beyond that, it is also a space that can be enhanced on an aesthetic level. The possibilities are always specified within the framework of what is feasible in a corridor with limited space.

1.Paint the hallway in two colors

The use of color in the house brings a creative perspective to the creation of a home that reflects its harmony through this composition. To highlight the walls of this place of passage you can use two tones that are an example of harmony in their connection or that stand out for an original contrast. White is a tone that enhances spaciousness in small rooms like this one. But, at the same time, it is a proposal that combines with different shades creating an attractive composition.

2.Exposed brick wall in the hallway

This aesthetic that not only harmonizes with a rustic style or with an industrial space, can also be integrated into a Nordic environment. This type of proposal puts the point of attention on the architecture of said property.

It provides a unique atmosphere by highlighting this particularity of the building’s walls. Wallpaper offers multiple possibilities to recreate this type of construction.


A hallway can convey a monotonous and rhythmic image when it does not contain elements that add some kind of dynamism to this set. How to achieve this imprint in this very important home environment? Lighting is a resource that takes on a leading role in this process of redecorating and rejuvenating this place of passage through details that stand out on a visual level.

Each hall has its own characteristics. In some cases, this space is located in a building with high ceilings that give greater visibility to those pendant lamps that acquire great visibility in the environment.

4.Flower basket in the hall

Flowers bring the perfection of their colors and their unique aroma to the interior. The metaphor of nature is present in the heart of the home through those arrangements that provide this decorative note to the place. Flowers not only have this ornamental effect, but they are also an expression of emotional decoration in that home in which their protagonist enjoys gardening and caring for plants.

5.Desk in the hall

One of the main objectives of decoration is to create a practical and functional home for those who live in that address. This observation of a place leads to the use of the integral space, also of the passageways.

An area that, as in the case of the corridor, can welcome a desk that is useful for those who have this need to have their own place. A place to place, for example, a notebook in which to write down possible messages for phone calls.

6.Hallway furniture

Furniture that has measures that perfectly adapt to small spaces such as the hall or hallway. But, in turn, they can also be decorated with other ornamental details such as a bouquet of flowers. Suspended furniture takes away the visual weight of this type of furniture that dresses this place of passage with great style.

And how would you like to redecorate the hallway of your house? The options are very numerous. Art is another continuing inspiration to carry out this transformation by choosing paintings, prints or photographs to enjoy your perspective in this heart of home.


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