40+ original easy-to-make headboards

original easy-to-make headboards

The headboards are the part of the bedroom decoration that often makes the difference, since with them you can enter colors, patterns, textures, vinyls, wallpaper or recover unused things, being also often the center of attention of the entire room. That is why we show you below, a large collection of images and ideas of original headboards.

The decoration capacity of the headboards is incredible, especially when we talk about materials, sizes and styles. There is so much variety, that we must take into account the size of our room and ceiling height in order to choose the right one. Not only are they very decorative, but they can create a really beautiful space at bedtime.

Original headboards for windows, doors, frames or screens

If you turn to second-hand houses, or auction houses, you could get old mirror or picture frames, old doors, windows, screens, and much more. of elements that you can recycle and use as a headboard.

It is also important to take into account the style of decoration of your room. If you are looking for a sophisticated decoration, the best option is upholstered or leather headboards. If you want a more dramatic style you can go for leather headboards and pronounced shapes, while if you are looking for something more romantic a headboard with soft curves and soft materials is perfect.

Recycled wood headboards

A very interesting option is the one in the photo below, in which you can see a headboard made of woven wood, which is achieved with overlapping and interwoven wooden sheets, nailed to a wooden frame that support the entire structure. You can even try to do it personally.

As you can see, there are many possibilities. In this photo we see the headboard made with three horizontal wooden panels, which could be old shutters or windows. The dark paint on all the woodwork, on a white wall, is very interesting.

Padded headboards

Padded upholstery is perhaps one of the most practical options, since with it, it is not only decorated with a beautiful color and texture of your choice, but it is also a way of protecting the head against the back wall.

If we are talking about sophistication, then you will want this option, which covers several of the ones given above. A very elegant wall paper, wooden frame and a contrasting upholstered headboard in strong color.

Three panels can be made, as we see below, using wood. They are lined with some foam material and a nice printed fabric, and they are ready. They are easy to remove and change the lining, to vary the decoration of the bedroom, quickly and with little money.

It is important that the headboard of the bed is proportional to the room. But it does not have to be proportional to the size of the bed. If your bed is small it does not mean that a large headboard is a bad decision. You must take into account the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.

Headboards with geometric designs

Vinyl or drawn headboards

You have to use your creativity when choosing a headboard. The most common options are wood, metal or upholstery, however there is no reason to lock yourself in these. You can use vinyl, drawings, everything behind your bed can work as a headboard.

If you don’t have the space to add extra elements, you can use the classic color change at bed height, introducing a strong tone, to highlight that space.

Here we can distinguish a variant of the idea given back lines. In this case, the entire back wall of the bed is used with a different pattern from that of the bedroom, but in turn, over the bed it becomes the same predominant color of the room, in this case white.

Other original ideas


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