Egg hunt | a fun game to play at home

Egg hunt, a fun game to play at home

Egg hunt, a game that children have played in school or in parks in recent years. After all, it is easy to entertain them

Like Christmas, Easter is above all the feast of the children who await the eggs. Never as on this Easter 2020, like all those who have to suffer in terms of being in a forced home, have the need to relax. Here is a great way to make their Easter special: organize a beautiful egg hunt.

A game that has been gaining ground in recent years and which is often played in gardens as well. Here the eggs are hidden, from the smallest to the largest and the children are told that they have been hidden by the Easter bunny.

Well, if this year our children cannot hunt in their kindergartens or we cannot organize it outside with cousins ​​and friends, we can play the same game at home. The result will be equally enjoyable and will see your children smiling.

Easter egg hunt, how the game works

How to organize egg hunt at home? Well, our advice is to organize a small treasure hunt and on Easter day to have a small chocolate egg with a ticket found in our child’s bed. We can use any ticket, or print a ticket with an Easter egg where you will put the indications on the next clue.

We can then hide other groups of eggs as a second surprise in another area of ​​the house by giving simple indications. An example? “If you want to find the next gift, go where the biscuits can be found” (our baby will surely go to the biscuit cabinet). Another clue may be: “If you want to find the next bunny’s present, look at the cartoon who shows you next”. We are sure that your imagination will fly high to let your children search for eggs from the smallest to the largest next to their favorite games. Or next to it hidden under an object or something they know well.

We will see our children running happily and happily around the house, for once with no worries. The conclusion of the game,? Well, simple: the happy child will find his favorite Easter egg. We are sure that this game will surely entertain our little ones and will distract them from this period of seclusion.


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