5 steps to eradicate fat from clothes

5 steps to eradicate fat from clothes

We have all discarded an item of clothing because we thought it was ruined. Don’t let the same thing happen to you. We teach you how to remove grease from clothes.

Are you afraid to eat because you are one of those who usually stains your shirt? Can’t you prepare those French fries that you like so much just thinking that the oil jumps and stains your outfit? We tell you that these fears can be put aside with these 5 steps to learn how to remove grease from clothes. That the spots are not an impediment to stop eating!

Using talcs, key in how to remove grease from clothes

Keep in mind that the faster you react, the more likely the grease stain on your clothes will completely fade away. The recommendation of yesteryear is to apply talc and completely cover the affected area.
If you do not have talc on hand, what you should do is take a kitchen towel and put it on the stain so that it absorbs as much fat as possible. There is no need for you to rub it, as you can spread it.

Scoop the talc off the grease on your clothes

After leaving the powder on the stain for two hours, the step to take to remove the grease from the clothes is to carefully remove it. If the powder touches other parts of the garment it may stain them.
You can use a spoon and a kitchen towel for this step.

If the grease stain on clothing is large, ironing may be helpful

Finding ways on how to remove grease from clothes when it comes to a large stain is really tricky. Fortunately for you, we have an alternative that works: iron it.

Once you have removed the talc from your clothes, place the garment on the ironing board and put a kitchen towel (the thinner the better) on top. Set the iron to a low temperature and start ironing the affected shirt or pants. The kitchen towel will absorb the fat. By the way, isn’t it fat but wine that stained your shirt? We teach you how to remove it.

Use the soap to wash the crockery, in the penultimate step to learn how to remove grease from clothes

Common sense is more important than we think when it comes to cleaning and disinfection. If the soap used to wash the crockery is produced to remove grease, why not try it on clothes?

It will seem exaggerated, but to make sure we remove the fat from the clothes permanently, we can rub the stain for 5 minutes with kitchen soap and lemon juice, rinse it and let it dry.

The washing machine, our faithful friend to remove grease from clothes

We know that the whole process can seem exhausting, but if you really value the affected garment, it will be worth trying to keep it as before. The only thing left to do to remove grease from clothes is to wash them in the washing machine as usual. You can add a softener.


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