Exterior Colors and House Facades 2020

Exterior Colors and House Facades 2020

There is an infinite variety of exterior color combinations that you can use to decorate your home’s facade. We will give you some ideas and advice that can help you in this difficult task, and we will show you the current trends to paint a house on the outside.

Whether you want your home to stand out a bit from the others in the neighborhood, or simply if you are looking for a way to make the house as stylish as its interior, we will show you below the latest fashion trends in front colors. of houses and color combinations for outdoor fashion houses in 2020.

White facades

White walls with black windows and doors

If your home has beautiful windows (or other pretty architectural features), this is a great way to draw attention to them. Combined with a white exterior, the black details can look spectacular.

White facades combined with gray

This is one of the classic exterior colors used to paint the facades of houses. They can look very elegant, clean and spacious. The secret is that certain architectural details or bars, window frames, etc., are painted in another color. It is very fashionable to use the gray color as a complement, as we see in the images below.

Here we see it combined with pale gray and the silver of the bars of the balconies.

In the image below it is also combined with the gray tones of the stones that decorate the exterior wall, the window frames and the bars of the balcony.

In the photo below they have used it along with a dark gray ceiling and front door.

The white looks clean and fresh, and around the windows it helps to reflect more light into the interior.

White with dark gray.

White and brown

Or you can also play with earthy browns.

Or wood brown and cement gray.

All white

It is one of the classic outdoor colors because it looks great. Many buildings during the classical renaissance were painted white, due to the mistaken belief that the Greeks and Romans always avoided color. It may require a little more maintenance, but it can be very flattering for a facade, especially for a country house.

Gray facades

Two shades of gray

If a completely black facade is too much, try gray-on-gray, a much more moderate and traditional formula. This two-tone set will give the exterior a little more interest and dimension.

Gray facades with white details

Another classic that is very fashionable, is to use the gray color to paint the walls and architectural details, frames and bars, paint them in another color. White can be used for these details.

Here is a method that never fails. Choose a light shade of a neutral color for the walls. In this way the home will have a happy air. Use white for window frames and roof trim.

Gray and wood

What is very fashionable and looks very elegant is to combine it with dark wood color.

Dark colors (here a dark gray) can also look especially nice with brick. Pay special attention to the underlying tones in the brick or stone, to ensure that the color you choose will harmoniously match.

Gray and neon colors

It can also be combined with strong colors such as yellow or neon orange.

Earthy Grays

Grays with a light touch of earth, more simulating the color of cement, are also a trend.

To highlight the door frames and windows, a white color was used.

Black facades

Black with white details

Blacks become an important color in the world of exterior paints. Here we see a summer cabin, an unexpected option for the beach, but it is a strong and impactful statement. The touches of white stand out against the darkness of black.

All black

A totally black exterior is one of the riskiest trends. It may seem like a somewhat bleak option, however it highlights all the structural features of the house, focusing attention on its architectural qualities.

Brown facades

Earth tones

This is another of the pretty colors to paint a house on the outside. It can look really beautiful.

Pastel colors

Cream and French gray

A cream-colored exterior with French gray accents is reminiscent of a villa in southern France, and is also another of the current trends. Here, the gray of the doors carefully matches the tone of the tiles.

Cake with white details

The soft pastels on the outside of a house are really charming. A contrasting blue roof adds a pop of color to a traditional-style home.

Creams and light yellows

Vivacious colors

Front door with strong color

Another way to color color sparingly is to paint only the front door.

Strong yellows and oranges

Dark colors + natural woods

A lot of houses have details in brick, stone or wood. You can get an elegant look, and increase the contrast between the cladding and the natural wood, with a dark-colored exterior.

Small House Exterior Colors

We can apply the trends we saw earlier in small houses as well. Let’s see some examples.


The classic white color for the walls, combined with darker colors to highlight some architectural details, as well as doors and windows, helping to give depth and interest to the lines of the facade.


The gray color, combined with black color, wood or exposed brick, can also be an excellent choice for small house facades.

Dark gray

This elegant color can also be applied to houses of polite sizes. Combined with shades of lighter gray or with wood, the front of the house can look very modern and current.

Pastel Shades

Here we see pastel shades combined with other shades.

Bright colors

The bold colors, with hints of neon, can be used to highlight part of the exterior walls. This helps to highlight geometric shapes, giving depth and interest to the architecture.


Another classic that never goes out of style and looks very elegant.

Tips to consider

Colors for bars

We show you below, a series of ideas on colors to paint bars.

Black bars

Gray bars

White bars

Brown bars

In two colors

Blue or red bars

Existing color

The color of the paint for the exterior of a house should be based on its existing colors, for example, the color of the ceiling, if it is decorated with stones or ceramics. For this Gothic style house, the established color is the gray of the stone and the roof. Too much gray can seem depressing, so the color to be applied should be warm, in this case burgundy red.

When you want to give a lively touch, a trick that always works is to choose the colors that are opposite to each other. Green with red is an example of this. However, using both pure colors would result in an overly striking appearance. Adding a touch of gray in the two colors would lower this effect.

The style of the house

One of the things that must first be taken into account before defining the color combinations that will give life to your facades is the identification of the style of the same, since style and colors must coexist in harmony to achieve success.

For example, Victorian-style houses will take advantage if they are painted in a range of warm, bright colors. Being an excellent idea to combine soft shades of yellow with some detail of vibrant orange, two ideal colors to reflect light.

Those who in turn have a much more modern home, a combination that gains popularity thanks to the good taste it offers is the one that opts for black or dark grays for the walls while reserving the note of color to, for example, give life to the main door.

Neighborhood Color

Another factor that does not fail if you take into account, is to observe the color of the other houses in the neighborhood and make a real style statement betting on colors that create a contrast with respect to the other houses, since if they all bet on the same shades the result would be totally monotonous.

This is where it becomes a good option to bet on warm colors such as yellow if all the other houses bet on neutral tones for example, since in this way we will make our home the focal point of the neighborhood.


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