Six basic furniture for the living room


The living room is one of the rooms that has more life in the scene of the family routine. The living room recovers its usual routine after the end of the holidays. What are the basic furniture in the decoration of the living room? In Decorablog we list some ideas.

Bookstore area

The living room is a room where reading can become a happy pastime. In that case, proximity to the book is a stimulus to reinforce this habit. For this reason, bookshelves or a custom-made bookcase can present the entertainment potential of works that, in turn, can fuel new conversations with those guests who are interested in this area of the room.

A bookstore that also has a dynamic character since with the passage of time you can add new copies to this leisure space. Each book has its own story, not only in terms of the plot, but also the personal aspect of how it came into your life. For example, maybe you have a title that reminds you of a vacation destination bookstore or a person who gave you that gift on your birthday.

The couch

The sofa is the visual center of this room in the house. A basic decoration that can be described from different perspectives. For example, the color, the shape and, of course, the comfort it offers. One of the keys to happiness in this return to the routine is to visualize the simple moments of each day that are valuable to you. Moments that you can observe from the perspective of gratitude. For example, the motivation to watch a movie on television on the weekend is an example of a happy pastime that you enjoy from the comfort of the couch.

The sofa is an example of furniture that can also function as a bed in the case of furniture that describes this double characteristic. An example of a decoration proposal that can help you gain space to receive guests in a small house, for example.

Dining table

Another decoration furniture for the living room is this table that will have some characteristics linked to the context of the room itself. One of the things that changes in the routine regarding the vacation schedule is the availability of time to share moments with loved ones.

However, in this new time of work and different commitments, it is also possible to create meeting spaces with others. For example, the routine of having dinner together. In this way, the dining room table is a witness to so many conversations, emotions and days that are different despite looking so the same in a certain way.

The furniture for the television

Television offers great entertainment potential based on the sum of programs, films, series, documentaries and other entertainment proposals. Some families decide to do without television in the living room as a way to buy time for other purposes. The furniture designed to place this means of communication is one of the products that cannot be missing in the home.

Side table for living room

The lighting plan for the dining room combines general lighting with other support points. For example, a table lamp located on this side table. A point of light located to reinforce visibility in a direct space.

Coffee table

The environment of the sofa is the protagonist of this room, which is completed with the location of a coffee table that also has decorative potential.


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