8 greenhouses and mini-greenhouses to showcase your plants!


Are you a plant lover and love the idea of having a greenhouse in your home (both indoors and outdoors)? Greenhouses are not only beneficial for plants, their magical aspect is also very popular in decoration!

Whether it is to get a small indoor greenhouse for your apartment or to carry out a major project in your backyard, we have found the most beautiful greenhouses in order to inspire you to the maximum!

For the exterior:

1) Recycled windows

Unique, 100% recycled and a breathtaking look, that describes the outdoor greenhouse made by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman from ” A beautiful mess ”! We reused the windows and the wood of the old “ shed ” which was in the same place and which we partially demolished to build this magnificent greenhouse. The layers of white paint come to standardize the whole and give it a simply magical aspect! Visit their page for more details!

2) Natural cedar and white windows

Big crush for this pretty greenhouse with a warm look! We love the color contrast created between the natural cedar and the windows with white tiles! What’s even more impressive is that all the windows used in this project are recycled, which saved the couple who built it a significant amount of money! A major project that certainly gives a magical atmosphere to the backyard!

3) Gardening station

Whether it is to repot plants, to store your gardening tools or to organize your seeds, a gardening station can be very practical!

4) Perfect potting corner

Believe it or not, this magnificent space was created on a budget of $ 500! It was also by finding used windows and second-hand materials that the couple who built it were able to limit their expenses. We are under the spell of the small potting counter and the general look of the greenhouse!

For the interior:

1) Transform cabinets

One of the big deco trends of the moment concerning plants: transforming cabinets into greenhouses! To do this, all you have to do is get your hands on Ikea’s popular Fabrikor display case, install small accent lights and you’re done! We love the final look!

2. Serre de bois sur pattes

We fell in love with this raised wooden greenhouse with a minimalist and Scandinavian look! We really like the fact that it is on legs, which allows you to take care of your plants at a comfortable height (no need to bend over!) In addition, this height will allow your plants to benefit from more light.

3) Ultra modern greenhouse

This ” greenhouse ” instantly piques our curiosity from the moment we set our eyes on it! Designed specifically for species with low (or no) light, this greenhouse allows plants to grow in darker places with its built-in LED light. Due to its large size, this greenhouse can even be used as a screen to divide a space. Practical and original!

4) The essential greenhouse


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