Tricks to have a very cozy terrace


How much do you want to enjoy the terrace when the good weather arrives! Who says terrace says balcony, garden or any outdoor space you have at home. We have been showing you ideas and tips for a few days to get the most out of these outdoor areas and today we are going to see some tricks that will help you make them much more welcoming.

It does not matter how you use them. You can go out to dinner during these summer nights, to read for a while when the heat goes down, cool off if you have a pool or simply sit in an armchair or hammock to listen to music or relax. In any case, if you surround yourself with a warm and comfortable environment, the sensations will be even better. Let’s see how to get it!

The lighting

For me, without a doubt, it is the star trick of any cozy atmosphere. Having adequate lighting is essential to achieve this. For this reason, I suggest that you place a garland of LED lights on your terrace or balcony and that you also add some candles. With all this you will design a most comfortable and serene environment.

Extra tip: add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a burner so that, in addition to giving light to your terrace with the candles, you add some notes of an aroma that comforts you even more.


Without a doubt, another of the essential elements to achieve a comfortable and pleasant environment. Textiles become an interesting decorative element for your terrace or balcony. You can place cushions on the sofa or on an armchair or hammock, also some fabric to decorate the chairs and tables when you go out to eat at this place.

Sometimes very little is enough for the detail to make this corner very pleasant. Also, you will find it more comfortable to sit on the sofas if you fill them with cushions.

Extra trick: play with patterns and fabrics depending on what time of year we are. When it’s winter, don’t neglect your textiles. Take out a blanket on your terrace or some long-pile rug to place on top of the armchairs or even on the floor.

The plants

A natural environment is always welcome at home. Both inside and outside. Research which flowers and plants are the most suitable for the location of your terrace for the climate of your city and fill it with green and other shades.

Extra trick: if your terrace is small you can create a nice green corner in one of the corners, taking advantage of the vertical space by placing a plant that is tall and other smaller ones around it, for example.

Don’t forget your special corner

No matter how small your terrace or balcony, it is about designing a special corner where you want to be, either alone or in the company of your family and friends.

Therefore, even if you do not have much space, you should try to achieve this warm and pleasant atmosphere on your terrace. The trick is to make use of all, or part, of the elements that I have mentioned in this article and distribute them in the best possible way in the space: cozy lighting, always comfortable textiles and small details in the form of candles or plants to help you feel wonderful when you go outside.

Extra trick. If you only have space, for example, for a chair and a small table, it may be enough to place a candle holder or a small pot with a beautiful plant on the latter, and a folded cloth on the chair. Decorate the wall with an LED garland and, without having saturated the space, you will have achieved a very cozy place.


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