6 steps on how to clean a mat

6 steps on how to clean a mat

Do you love it but don’t know how to waste it? Calm! Learning how to clean a mat won’t cost you more than 6 steps.

If there is an element that can completely change the look of any space in your house, that is a mat. And there are no restrictions to use it: in the room, it will look luxurious; in the room, it will allow your children and pets to enjoy comfortably. What is the problem? Clean it up.
So you don’t suffer, with this guide we teach you how to clean a mat without much effort. Go ahead and try!

A vacuum cleaner is key to learning how to clean a mat

Do you want your mat to be like new? Achieving it is not as difficult as it seems. What we recommend to start the process is to connect the vacuum cleaner and run it on both sides of the carpet.

Take your time, cleaning a mat requires more patience than anything. Now free of dust, you can continue with the next step.

How to clean a mat with vinegar, your greatest ally

Those of us who love that the house looks shiny, know that white vinegar is our best friend. And guess what? To learn how to clean a mat is no exception.

Take a bucket, fill it with warm water and add 4 cups of vinegar along with two tablespoons of kitchen soap. Wait a few moments for it to dissolve and then stir.

Use a brush to clean a mat with the water and vinegar mixture

The recommendation for this point is to use a soft bristled brush. However, if you don’t have one, you can use a sponge and a microfiber cloth.

How to start cleaning the mat? Dampen the brush in the vinegar water mixture and start rubbing in a straight line in one direction. Leave the edge of the rug for last.

Rinse well to make this formula on how to clean a mat successful

After you have thoroughly rubbed the entire mat, including the edge, with the dampened brush, rinse. This point, in particular, is not difficult, but it does require all the patience in the world.

Take a bucket of tap water. Dampen a cloth and start gently rubbing the entire mat. The idea is, little by little, to remove the mixture of water, vinegar and soap so that the cleaning of the carpet is the best.

Drain, if necessary with glass cleaner, to clean a mat as it should

Learning how to clean a mat starts from recognizing that each of the six recommended steps is important for the process to be successful, including this one, the draining process.

If you can lift the mat and it is not very heavy, you can try twisting it so that the water comes out of the envelope. Otherwise, you can run a glass cleaner over it. This will facilitate the drying process.

Whether cleaning a mat is rewarding depends on the drying process

When it is well drained, lay it out so that it is directly exposed to the sun. Of course, it is essential that you have drained it well, so that it not only dries quickly, but also does not take a bad smell.

Once your mat dries on one side, you only have to turn it over. That’s it! Enjoy your mat in your living room as usual!


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