How to clean balcony and terrace: 10 tips and tricks


1) How to clean balcony railings

The best place to start cleaning are certainly the railings, in doing so we will then have the opportunity not to step on the flooring after cleaning it. First of all, let’s take care to understand the material with which they are made, generally it is wrought iron, concrete or aluminum. We use a broom to brush the balustrades, in order to remove dust and cobwebs. We then proceed in the correct way for the material!

2) Clean the wrought iron railings

The most common material for balcony railings is wrought iron. To clean it properly, we create a solution with water, lemon and white vinegar. We sprinkle the entire railing with the solution and let it dry in the sun. When it is completely dry, we soak a cloth or paper towel with olive oil and go over the entire railing. That’s it, it will be shiny again and we will have delayed even the onset of rust!

Goodbye rust
If the wrought iron railing is already a victim of rust, we will have to remove it before washing it. To do this we could use a stiff bristle brush, dipped in a mixture of 4 tablespoons of salt and half a lemon. We rub vigorously and then proceed to cleaning.

3) How to clean concrete balustrades

Concrete railings are slightly less common, but are found in all older or “stately” houses. After having passed them with the broom in broom in all their parts, we can proceed with cleaning! We could opt for two different solutions, sodium bicarbonate or ammonia, both cases to be mixed with plenty of water. We rub vigorously with the help of a soft bristle brush and return the water when it is now dirty.

4) Clean the aluminum railings of the terrace

Aluminum railings are progressively replacing wrought iron ones, as they are cheaper and lighter, often associated with glass panels. Cleaning them is much easier than in other cases. We create a mixture with water and Marseille soap dissolved. Soak a cloth and pass it over the entire railing, then leaving it to dry in the sun. If desired, we could then also pass a specific product to preserve the shine of the aluminum.

5) How to wash the balcony flooring

Cleaning the flooring is certainly the most difficult step in cleaning our balcony. They are composed of very different materials from each other, and each of these requires specific products or solutions. First of all, however, with the help of a broom in broom we sweep away leaves, earth and dust, if they were present. If we are unable to accurately understand the flooring material, we will use the least aggressive option among those we are going to see!

6) Terracotta flooring: wash it thoroughly

Terracotta is by far the most common material for paving balconies, in the form of smooth and slightly shiny tiles. We create a mixture with water and white vinegar, which will help us to eliminate any residues from the joints between the tiles. After the first step, we can rinse with water because the vinegar stinks a lot, even when used outdoors. By doing this we will restore part of its original lucidity to the terracotta.

7) How to remove stains from terrazzo stoneware and slate

Stoneware and slate are equally common materials to terracotta for balcony flooring. They are generally smoother as materials, and much more prone to getting dirty. To clean these two types of flooring, we proceed by dissolving a glass of Marseille soap, one of baking soda and two of white vinegar in hot water. We brush vigorously, rinse and let it dry!

8) How to clean concrete terrazzo floors

The concrete floors are present in the oldest houses, much less delicate than the other materials. We mix a cup of ammonia in at least 2 liters of water. We brush vigorously, perhaps with the help of a soft bristle brush for the most stubborn stains. We change the water every time it gets excessively dirty and rinse thoroughly.

9) Keep ants away from the balcony

One of the hardest things to do to keep our balcony clean is to find a solution to ant invasions. Many of the ant remedies are based on very strong odors and fragrances, such as eucalyptus or essential oils. In the case of eucalyptus, we could put a couple of plants in the corners, so the scent will be constant. However, there are countless solutions for ants like lemon, detergent or honey!

10) How to keep the terrace always clean

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that after thorough cleaning it will be easier to keep everything clean and tidy for longer. We dedicate a specific broom only to balconies, passing it from time to time as we also do indoors. We keep the railings clean from cobwebs and dust the blinds or shutters. In short, by doing a few small cleaning jobs every week we will avoid the effort of a deep wash!


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