Learn how to clean the dust of your house correctly

Learn how to clean the dust of your house correctly

“Give your home a fresh touch! Follow these tips and learn how to properly clean dust in your home.”

Surely you read the title of this article and wondered? Is there really a correct way to learn how to properly clean dust? That’s right, there is a way that allows you to remove more particles and also make it last longer.

You want to learn? Follow these tips and find out!

First, the materials to clean the dust

In the market we usually find several elements that work for us to learn how to clean dust. However, these are not always the most suitable for this purpose. Feather dusters, for example, are the first to come to mind. But these often accumulate a large amount of dust and all they do is spread it with their use.

That is why elements such as bayetillas, anti-dust sprays and the famous vacuum cleaner are ideal for these tasks, which will not only help you learn how to clean dust, but will also leave everything spotless.

The most important thing when cleaning dust

This may sound trivial and is not related to some kind of miracle product. If you really want to learn how to clean dust from your house, you will have to take your time. Many times we only wipe with a damp cloth and think that we have already removed the dust. However, these particles are hidden under books and generally in places we never move. This is why it is very important to remove all the elements from the shelves and furniture, in order to eliminate all traces of dirt and prevent dirt from accumulating in our home.

Enhances cleaning with glycerin

As we have seen in previous guides, glycerin is a crucial element for removing dirt and, in this case, for traces of dust. For the surfaces of your house to last a long time without dust particles, a good option is to add a few drops of glycerin to the cloth or cloth that you use to clean the surfaces at least once a week.

The key to learning how to clean the dust with glycerin is to let the cloth absorb the liquid before passing it over the surface, this way, no lumps will be generated and the product will be used much more.

Recommendations when learning how to clean dust

There really are not many recommendations to keep in mind when learning how to clean dust from your house correctly. The first is that it is necessary to always try to use clean rags or cloths. As much as we don’t see it, these particles stick to the fabric fibers, and if you don’t clean them, you may end up spreading dust on clean surfaces unintentionally.

Another great recommendation is to wash the rags with hot water and salt, this will more easily remove traces of dirt and leave these utensils ready for your next use. Everything ready to leave your surfaces spotless? Follow these recommendations and learn how to clean your house dust properly!


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