5 tips on how to get rid of mites at home

5 tips on how to get rid of mites at home

“Sneezing, stuffy nose and pinkeye are not normal. It’s the fault of the mites that stay in your home. We teach you how to get rid of them.”

Do you feel that when summer arrives or during very sunny days you sneeze frequently, your nose gets congested and you even feel uncomfortable when breathing? You may not know it, but high temperatures cause mites to stay not only in your home, but in your room. So you can be calmer while you share in your home, we offer you these tricks to eliminate mites from home and live without allergies.

Ventilate well, the key to eliminate mites

The first recommendation that experts make to eliminate mites -small animals belonging to the group of arachnids- is to ventilate the home well, especially the bedrooms, since they have a particular charm for pillows and blankets.

If you are one of those who makes the bed immediately wakes up, keep in mind that the recommendation is to open the window and wait about 20 minutes to do it, in order to ventilate well. In addition, it is recommended to change the lines at least once a week.

Vacuuming or cleaning the dust are necessary if you want to eliminate the mites

The least recommended if what we want is to know how to eliminate the mites is to remove the dust by sweeping with a traditional broom, since, with this what we do is move the mites from one side to the other of the house. We advise you to use a vacuum cleaner, as far as possible, for the floors. You can clean the furniture with a damp cloth, so that the dust does not rise and also moves from one side to the other. It’s for your health, try it!

Buying anti-mite mattresses, pillows and sheets is important in how to eliminate them

We know that on many occasions we have a preference for materials such as wool and cotton to combat the cold. And it is not that it is bad, but particularly these materials favor the absorption of mites if we use them in our bed.

So how do you get rid of mites with mattresses, pillows and sheets? As for the mattresses and pillows you can bet on synthetic fiber ones. On the other hand, there are already anti-dust mite versions of sheets, covers and clothing for the brand on the market.

Rugs look good, but when it comes to how to get rid of mites they’re not the best choice

Anywhere in the home, from bedrooms to living room, rugs look good. That is undeniable. However, when it comes to health, they are not the most recommended. Due to their ability to contain dust, they are almost like a nest of mites.

What to do? If you definitely do not want to give up the rugs, the main recommendation is that they be made of light fabrics and easy to wash. Of course, if there is someone in your family with allergic rhinitis and you want at all costs to learn how to eliminate mites, it is necessary that you stop the idea of having even a carpet.

For what you want most, clean the air conditioning filters if you want to eliminate mites

Our last tip on how to eliminate mites, whether at home or in the office, is to clean the air conditioning filters, because due to their ability to store dust, they are the best hosts for this group of sub-arachnids.

One more tip: avoid the use of insecticides, air fresheners and scented candles, as they can trigger respiratory discomfort caused by mites. If you liked this note about how to eliminate mites and want to read more about topics that contribute to your health.


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