How to make a cheap closet without failing in the attempt?

How to make a cheap closet without failing in the attempt?

Get ready to save a few pesos with these steps! Learn how to make a cheap closet.

The way we store our clothes truly represents the order and harmony of our room. And while it may be thought that having a decent and useful closet might be too expensive, today we’ll show you otherwise.

Follow these tips and learn how to make a cheap closet without failing!

Take your dog’s measurements to make his bed!

Many times we start a project with the thought that we are clear about the dimensions of space, but many times it is not. The same goes for the processes of how to make a dog bed.

In case you have a small breed dog you will not have much problem. If you have a big one, you should pay more attention to this topic. Ideally, you should leave plenty of space for your dog to lie down as he wants.

Once you are clear about the dimensions of your bed, you can start with the manufacturing process.

Do you already know how you want your closet?

Do you know what is the best thing about making your own furniture? Exactly, that you can do as you want.

This also means that you can apply the design and styles you want. Even think of sections for technological elements such as screens, dvd players or video games.

You could also consider doing it in parts or with characteristic elements. So learning how to make a cheap closet is much easier!

This is what you need to make a cheap closet

The time has come to think about the materials. For this type of process, it is best to use wood, but we know that it is very expensive. How we want to learn how to make an inexpensive closet, a good option can be pressed sawdust.

The best alternative is to use a corner of the room, to save pieces of pressed sawdust. Depending on the design you choose, it will be the number of sheets you need, although at least you will need approximately twelve.

Clearly, these sheets will have different measurements, which you must determine yourself according to the measurements of your room. This part, while it may seem a bit complicated, is not. It all lies in having the measurements correctly and cutting each piece properly.

The doors, a fundamental part

Closet doors are perhaps the most important decision in making one. However, it is very easy to take.

It all depends on the space you have available for this management. If you do not have enough space to have conventional doors that open and close, due to the presence of a bed or other elements in the room, the best alternative will be sliding doors, since they take up less space and look incredible .

Once you have this last point solved, you can start the process of learning how to make an inexpensive closet.

Start the manufacturing process of your closet

Assuming that space is limited, we will take sliding doors as a reference. To learn how to make a cheap closet, you must follow the following steps:

First, install a series of shelves to the wall, whatever you think is necessary. You should also think about the divisions of zones. For this you will have to install the largest pieces of wood vertically, as walls.

Finally, with the help of rails, you will shape what the doors will be. With this you will have the structure of your closet ready.

Drawers must not be missing

We know that we are looking for a cheap closet, but a wardrobe without drawers is an incomplete wardrobe. And while it may seem like adding drawers can be expensive, it’s not.

The first thing is to make the drawers with sheets of pressed sawdust. Form a series of rectangles and glue them together with wood glue or lace.

Finally, install a pair of rails at the height you determine. Add the drawers that you consider necessary and those that the allocated space allows. Do you dare to order your clothes in drawers made by you?

Add final details to your closet

Once you have your closet ready and installed, it’s time to add the final details. You can choose to add wood paint to add a more sober and elegant hue.

You can also add a series of handles to slide the doors, which will facilitate their operation. Another good idea, which you should apply periodically, is to oil the door and drawer rails to ensure proper operation.

Finally, you can add details on the edges of the pressed sawdust sheets to give it a professional touch that will look amazing.

Easy peasy! Now you can start making your own wardrobes for the home. Follow these steps and learn how to make a cheap closet without leaving home!


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