7 steps to learn how to make a Japanese bed

7 steps to learn how to make a Japanese bed

“You don’t have to be in the east to have one of these, we teach you how to make a Japanese bed.”

A trend that everyone loves in interior design is that of the minimalist style, characterized by the simplicity of its shapes, pure lines, neutral colors and open spaces (preferably high). Do you want to have a bedroom like that? For starters, you could learn how to make Japanese bed yourself, as this is a faithful representation of this style.

How to make a Japanese bed: features

You can’t learn how to make a Japanese bed if you don’t know the characteristics of it; for this reason, we show them to you: they are small and almost at ground level, something similar to what we know today as a bed base, only without legs that keep it upright. As well? It is basically a wooden base 20 cm from the ground on which we can place a mattress.

How to make a Japanese bed: make the frames

To learn how to make a double Japanese bed you will have to make a frame with wooden slats -which would have been the beams of a traditional bed-; one pair 1.40 cm long and the other 1.90 cm long. The height of the four wooden slats should be 20 cm, while the width should be 5 cm. Use a drill, wood screws, and nuts to assemble them.

How to make a Japanese bed: horizontal supports

Once you have the frame, the next thing about how to make a Japanese bed is to make it solid. For this you need five wooden slats 1.30 cm long by 20 cm high and 5 wide. The idea is to place them from side to side of the frame and assemble them. These have a function similar to that of the boards of a conventional bed, that of making it stable.

How to make a Japanese bed: vertical supports

Once you have the five horizontal supports assembled, what you have left is to install vertical supports. So you can imagine, the interior of the frame of the Japanese bed will be similar to a grid. In this case it is not necessary that you use nuts. With a pair of screws? All at once? one inch you can hold the supports (vertical and horizontal) together.

How to make a Japanese bed: the base

Do you see that learning how to make a Japanese bed is not so difficult? What’s more, the complicated part is over. Next, place the solid wood base on which the mattress will rest on the supports. The base can be 1.40 cm by 1.90 cm or larger, it does not necessarily have to have the dimensions of the frame and the supports of the bed.

How to make a Japanese bed: varnishing

Although at this point you should already have the Japanese bed assembled, we want to make some recommendations to apply the varnish to each of the pieces. The idea is to pass three coats and, between drying the first and second coat, sand the wood. After the last coat, let the wood dry for 24 hours.

How to make a Japanese bed: details

It’s already varnished and assembled, so what’s missing in this tutorial on how to make a varnished bed? Lack to locate the mattress and under it something similar to a mat or a mat to do yoga. The layouts depend on your taste, but the objective is that they go hand in hand with the minimalist style, that they bet on light colors.


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