7 steps to learn how to make a kitchen

7 steps to learn how to make a kitchen

“We explain how to make a kitchen that meets your expectations from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Take note.”

There is nothing unusual in that you want to remodel your kitchen and, incidentally, give a modern face to your home. However, achieving this depends a lot on your ingenuity and how much you plan the renovation. Through this guide on how to make a kitchen, we give you some steps so that the end result is better than expected.

How to make a kitchen: take the dimensions

How to make a kitchen, like other projects, implies that you have very clear the dimensions of the space you plan to renovate. Also take into account the height you have, because when the places are reduced, it can be a good ally. Then, check what are the universal standards of the counter, stove, refrigerator and cabinets with that your calculations will have concrete bases.

How to make a kitchen: types of cuisine

The second recommendation on how to make a kitchen is to be very clear about the type you want, with three being the best known: in? L ?, in? U? and linear. To make the decision, think about what you don’t like about your current kitchen and if the type of cuisine you want allows you to prepare your favorite dishes fluently. Also, imagine the kitchen when more than one person is in it.

How to make a kitchen: think about the work areas

Once you have defined what type is right for you, the next step on how to make a kitchen is to think about each of the spaces that make it up and how they will be articulated. Imagine storage furniture or cabinets, kitchen equipment drawers, dishwasher, stove and oven, plus a large work counter.

How to make a kitchen: modulation

From the standard measurements, the type of kitchen you want and having made an analysis of each of the spaces in it, you can begin to design and develop the planimetries. Please note that all modules must follow a manufacturing logic. That you are rigorous in having the exact dimensions down to the smallest detail will be decisive for you to learn how to make a kitchen.

How to make a kitchen: materials

Perfect, you have everything designed to learn how to make a kitchen. The next step is to define what materials and colors you want for her. Wood, for example, is the most used material for cabinets, while the counter can be made of aluminum and the island in marble or stone. It is not superfluous to devise the tiles and the floor, as they are no longer only used in ceramics.

How to make a kitchen: trends

When it comes to how to make a kitchen, the best thing is to see the finished work and think:? Everything was to my liking ?. However, it never hurts to follow examples, much less find out about trends. It can be minimalist, industrial, eclectic, American-style; you can take some elements from each one.

How to make a kitchen: pipes and electrical connections

It seems obvious, but on many occasions when we are new to this how to make a kitchen, we tend to forget to check the pipes, as well as the electrical connections, and in many things they are not in the best conditions. Think about which electrical outlets you need and in which sectors of the kitchen; also what you need, for example, if you plan to install pendant lamps.


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