How to make a perfect wooden closet?

How to make a perfect wooden closet?

There is furniture in the home that yes or yes, must be present at all times. A good example are cabinets, elements that cannot be missing in any type of room.

Follow these tips and learn how to make an ideal wooden closet for your home!

Can you imagine your room without a closet? Sure, it is possible, but you would have your clothes spread on the floor, on top of the bed, bedside tables and in general any surface of the house. This type of furniture is essential for the order and organization of clothing and other elements present in our room.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to make a wooden closet and surprise your whole family!

How to make a wooden closet: Measurements and space

As usual in any construction project, it is important to carry out an analysis of the area that we are going to intervene. Below we bring you a series of measurement guidelines that will surely be very useful:

Try to have a depth (included from the doors to the wall) of at least 60 cm. For the hanging bar, you must allocate 1.80 cm from it to the floor. If you have enough height, you can consider locating two bars or a section for shoes, suitcases and other items.

A good recommendation is to locate your closet in the middle of walls, to avoid the installation of wooden sides, save money and, of course, resources.

How do you want your closet?

Ready the spaces and the measures, now you will have to define what will be the design and the style that will characterize it.

On the internet there are thousands and thousands of designs that you can take as a reference, the important thing is to have clear expectations according to the level of construction skill each one possesses.

A useful tip is to take advantage of wood and look for rustic styles that fit this material. Another good idea is to make them very simple, since, as they say,? Simplicity taken to the extreme becomes elegance ?.

Choose the style you like best and discover how to make a wooden closet!

Do you already know what type of wood you are going to use for your closet?

This step is essential. We know that typically the strongest and most attractive pieces of wood are the most expensive. However, what we will seek is to find a correct balance between quality and price.

For example, types like cedar or mahogany are high priced but amazing quality. If your option is to save, the pine will be perfect for you due to its price and functionality.

But, if instead you are looking to not use solid wood, you can use sheets of wood of a thickness strong enough to serve as divisions in your closet. They are inexpensive, they look good and if you do not put a lot of weight, perfectly functional.

Once you have chosen the material you will use, you will be closer to discovering how to make a wooden closet!

This is what you need to make a wooden closet

The tools and other utensils that we will use to learn how to make a perfect wooden closet are the following:

  • Sandpaper
  • handsaw
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Hinges
  • nails
  • Wood glue

All set, it’s time for manufacturing!

How to make the structure of a wooden closet

Actually the process of how to make a wooden closet is very simple, as long as you are clear about the wardrobe design.

Fix the wooden guides on the walls where the closet modules will go and place shelves inside, according to the reference you are considering to make a wooden closet.

If your design has drawers, you have two options. Find some furniture plans on which to base yourself to make the drawers with the same type of wood, or send them to a specialist according to the measurements you need.

Think about the doors of your wooden closet

Doors are elements that, honestly, are difficult to build from zeroes. This is why the best recommendation we can make is to buy these ready-made doors or send them to be done.

As for the type of doors you can apply, there are sliding, folding or folding doors.

If your choice is folding or sliding, you must install a series of rails on the inside of the closet so that they can slide and work properly.

In case you choose the folding ones, you will have to secure the hinges in the frames and thus achieve how to make a functional and safe wooden closet.

Finishes and details to finish making a wooden closet

Once you have the complete structure of your wardrobe ready, it’s time to color it!

You have three options: color it with paint, apply varnish or simply sand the surfaces of the furniture well and leave it its natural tone (which works very well in decorations with rustic, industrial and contemporary styles).

Once you have finished applying these final details, you will have finished learning how to make a wooden closet!

General recommendations

Below we will list a series of tips and recommendations that you can apply when learning how to make a wooden closet without leaving home.

  • It is important to take into account the measurements of the doors in case they are hinged, since they can become an obstacle and damage the locomotion at home.
  • Before choosing the wall that you are going to use, you must ensure that there are no moisture marks that harm both the furniture and your clothing. In case there is any plumbing damage, you will need to fix it before installing the cabinet.
  • To prevent the presence of insects or the creation of their nests, take care to close all the cracks and holes that may be present.

And ready! You already know how to make an incredible wooden closet and it will surely surprise everyone who wants to know your home. Follow these recommendations and renovate your family’s rooms!


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