How to make a wooden bed: some designs you may like

How to make a wooden bed: some designs you may like

“Why buy one if you can make it yourself? We give you five ideas on how to make a wooden bed not only according to your tastes, but also the space you have at home.”

If you are one of the people who likes to do things instead of buying them and you also like carpentry, you have to read this note on how to make a wooden bed, written with you in mind. On this occasion, we will not talk about the typical – buy the wood, take the measurements, varnish it -, but we will give you some styles to inspire you.

How to make a modern wooden bed

Do you want to learn how to make a modern wooden bed? We give you some characteristics so that you take them into account when making the budget (taking into account the amount of wood you need), taking the measurements and figuring out how you want it.

Modern wooden beds stand out for being simple, with strokes based on straight lines. As for the backrest, it is usually less high than that of conventional beds and without any details. As for the legs of the bed, they give the appearance of being independent of the footboard and headboard.

Yes, the boards to support the mattress are still present, although what is in fashion are the bed bases, in which there are no boards, but, as the name says, a solid base.

How to make a rustic wooden bed

Do not kill yourself? thinking how to make a rustic wooden bed. We make your life easier by providing you with those elements that make this bed so appealing, especially if what you want is a cozy and even romantic space to share with your partner.

A rustic wooden bed breaks a bit with the simplicity of a modern one, proof of this is that it needs more wood for its construction: it is a heavy, robust and large bed by nature. Both his backrest and his footboard are usually high, with simple engravings.

Its structure is usually traditional: the stringers are secured to the back and the foot of the bed using long nuts and bolts. Side-by-side bed boards are necessary to support the mattress.

How to make a wooden bed with drawers

If your concern about how to make a wooden bed is that the space in your room is not exactly the widest, there is nothing to worry about, you can bet on one that has drawers.

Beds with drawers are specially designed for small bedrooms, which is why they usually not only have drawers in the side rails, but also in the backrest. Another feature is that these beds are usually light in color, in order to generate a greater sense of spaciousness in the space in which it is located.

As for the structure, it should be said that these beds are generally semi-double and of less height than conventional ones. Instead of boards to support the mattress, they usually have a solid wood base. Between the base and the floor is the space for the drawers.

How to make a wooden bed with pallets

It is also possible to learn how to make a wooden bed on a budget and a good option for this is to go for pallets, those that are commonly used in the transport of merchandise but have also come to interior design.

A particularity of pallets is that you just need to apply a sanding and varnishing process to them to make them look good. Then, what you have to do is assemble them with the help of a drill and wood screws.

In a bed of this type you do not need stringers or boards to support the mattress, since its structure is similar to that of a bed base; You can even use pallets for backup. Pallets have become so popular that they even use them to make sofa beds.


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