How to remove grease stains in 4 ways and naturally?

How to remove grease stains in 4 ways and naturally?

The kitchen can be a very hostile place to clean, but this is over! Follow these recommendations and discover how to remove grease stains in 4 steps and naturally.

Cooking is an incredible practice, arouses many passions and creates a good meeting point for family and friends. Things get complicated when it comes time to wash the dishes and clean all the surfaces, which can be a real nightmare.

Follow these recommendations and learn how to remove grease stains in 4 steps and naturally! You dare?

This and much more involves learning how to remodel a house. But do not worry! We teach you in 5 easy steps. All ready?

How to remove fat stains with lemon juice

It is normal to see that in the products that we find in the market, most have lemon as an ingredient, because it has astringent properties, which are very effective in eliminating fat.

To apply this tip, you only need the juice of two lemons and a liter of hot water. All you have to do is mix the two liquids and spread it over the entire surface affected by the fat.

This is a very useful strategy to learn how to remove grease stains easily and without leaving home.

How to remove grease stains with baking soda

We spoke at first that the kitchen was a space par excellence where we can find traces of grease, but sometimes we only focus on surfaces such as the counter, drawers and the edges of the stove.

It is necessary to take into account that areas such as walls, appliances and other types of furniture are also exposed to dirt. To combat it and learn how to remove grease stains from these spaces, baking soda and its abrasive effects will be ideal to achieve this.

Spread the amount of baking soda you consider necessary on the space to be cleaned and remove the grease with a sponge and a little water. You will be surprised with the result!

How to remove grease stains with vinegar

Vinegar is a sensational product. Whether traditional or apple, it has disinfecting and odor neutralizing properties that you will not want outside your home and that make it an ideal ally to remove grease stains at home.

You only need half a cup of water and half a cup of vinegar. Bring the mixture to a boil and then take it to a sprayer. This strategy is ideal for cleaning windows, doors, and appliances.

Your spaces will look impeccable! Learning how to remove grease stains naturally is something your home will greatly appreciate. All ready?

Remove grease stains with? Coffee residue?

Have you ever imagined that this could be? This is the most ecological and responsible strategy of those exposed here, because it gives an additional final purpose to the residues, in this case, of coffee.

This option is ideal for removing fat, both from dishes, and from other kitchen and house surfaces. A good idea is to store these residues in a jar in the fridge so that they are preserved and you can always use them in cleaning the home.

All you have to do is spread the coffee leftovers on the surface or element from which you want to remove the fat and rub with a sponge. A good suggestion is to have a sponge intended exclusively for cleaning with coffee, to avoid dirtying more.

All ready to know how to remove grease stains naturally? Learn these four ideas and transform the cleanliness of your home!


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