5 tricks to learn how to remove ink stains on clothes

5 tricks to learn how to remove ink stains on clothes

If the pen in your shirt pocket has overflowed, don’t worry. With these 5 tricks we teach you how to remove ink stains from clothes.

Many of us have stopped carrying a pen in the outer pocket of the shirt or in the inner pocket of the coat because, at some point, we have been victims of it. It turns out that due to the heat, that garment that we love so much overflows and stains. The good news is that you do not have to throw it away, much less use it as an old rag, since it is possible that it will return to how it was before. We teach you how to remove ink spots.

React, don’t just wait for the ink stain to lodge on your garment

Sometimes, out of frustration that our shirt has been stained with ink, what we do is take it off and leave it in the laundry room. However, if we react, we could counteract the effect of the ink.

The first trick, if you want to know how to remove ink spots, is to take a piece of paper, napkin or dry cloth and apply pressure to the affected area. The idea is to absorb the ink. For no reason rub or tap it, as you will spread it.

Use alcohol and you will see how the ink stain is removed from your clothes

When we are in a difficult situation, in the midst of despair, we usually go to solutions that really contribute to reducing the problem. The same occurs when when a pen spills over our clothes.

We give you a simple solution if you want to remove ink spots on your clothes. Do the following: take a cotton ball, moisten it with ethyl alcohol – it counteracts the effect of the ink pigment – and place it on the stain. Repeat as many times as necessary. Then, wash the ordinary garment.

Use ammonia and vinegar as an efficient remedy to remove ink stains

There are ink spots that, although we react immediately and rub them with alcohol, simply refuse to disappear. For them, there is a more than effective formula: the mixture of vinegar and ammonia.

Take in a bowl and add vinegar. Then add a little ammonia – not much, since you can spoil your garment – and leave the shirt you want to soak the ink stain on. Leave it for one to two hours submerged in this mixture and then wash it as usual.

Hair spray is also useful if you are wondering about how to remove ink stains

This trick of how to remove ink spots is one of the most efficient and, paradoxically, one of the least known. It consists of taking the lacquer that is used on the hair and using it on the affected area of your garment.

First of all, put kitchen paper under the area affected by the stain. Then, spray with plenty of lacquer to cover the entire ink stain. What follows is to take a slightly damp cloth and, without rubbing, dry until the stain fades. To finish, spread out your clothing and leave it outdoors.

Who said that milk is only for the kitchen, it also serves to remove ink stains?

In a homemade method, one of those that grandmothers wisely recommend, and that very few trust. However, it is the best there can be at removing stains from almost any type of surface.

Heat the milk until it reaches a midpoint, pour it into a container and dip the stained part of the garment into the container. The next step is to rinse and wash.


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