Ideas on how to remove marker stains without so much effort

Ideas on how to remove marker stains without so much effort

If your furniture, walls, and even clothing have fallen victim to a permanent marker, follow these tricks to remove stains.

When we live with children something very common happens and it is to see the walls of our house scratched, as well as the furniture and some clothing. The problem is when we can’t find a way to remove them and get frustrated in the attempt. But smile, there is good news: we are going to explain how to remove marker stains through this article. Take note.

How to remove marker stains on furniture

It’s no secret to anyone that removing marker stains from furniture is the most difficult thing there can be, especially if it’s a permanent. However, if your door, chair or table is really worth it, you can try one of these tricks.

  • When furniture is upholstered, a good alternative on how to remove marker stains is using the well-known WD-40, an industrial multipurpose oil that can with any stain. You can get it in the market at a low price.
  • If the goal is to remove marker stains from a piece of wooden furniture, using common sense wouldn’t hurt: try an eraser. Some rubber erasers have the virtue of helping to fade those spots that we sometimes see as impossible.
  • You can use alcohol mixed with hydrogen peroxide to clean the furniture upholstered with microfiber or hairspray, in the case of leather upholstery. Use a cloth to apply these products to the surfaces you want to remove marker stains from.

How to remove marker stains on the walls

While staining furniture can happen to anyone, staining walls is something children commonly do. And there is nothing more disturbing than seeing each striped wall, no matter how much we love our children or grandchildren. This is why we teach you how to remove marker stains from a wall.

  • Mix baking soda and toothpaste in equal parts and apply the result directly to the marker stain. Leave it there for a few minutes. Then take a slightly damp cloth and rub in a circular motion. It may seem difficult, but it will surely help you if you do not know how to remove marker stains.
  • Sometimes we drown in a glass of water. And something that shows it is that we always look for the most difficult solution to problems, when the easiest is at hand. If you want to remove marker stains from the walls, moisten a cloth with ethyl alcohol. Maybe instantly remove!
  • How life is a matter of magic, what better than a magic eraser to end all kinds of stains. You can get it at a low price in the market and, without a doubt, it will help you remove those marker stains that so torment you.

How to remove marker stains on clothing

Something very common if you work in an office or even as a school teacher is staining shirts and gowns not only with a pen, but with a marker. A total disaster! So that you don’t worry or be forewarned, we give you some formulas about how to remove marker stains on clothes.

  • To remove marker stains on a textile you can dilute a small amount of bleach (a liquid based on alkaline salts) in water. Then dip the stained part of the garment. Maybe the stain comes out quickly or maybe you have to soak it.
  • As we mentioned above, sometimes we have the solution at our fingertips, but we don’t see them. If you don’t know how to remove marker stains on delicate textiles like sheets, try applying lemon juice and rubbing with a cloth. And if you try this method!
  • If your affected garment is silk, mix in a container borax, vinegar, milk and, if you want, lemon juice. Take a sponge or cloth to rub on the surface you want to clean. Did this trick of how to remove marker spots help you? Continue reading our Projects and Ideas section.


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