Learn how to remove oil paint from clothing

Learn how to remove oil paint from clothing

“Forget about stains! Follow these tips and learn how to remove oil paint from clothing.”

It is very common that when we are doing a painting project, our clothes get stained with this liquid. There is no problem if the materials we use are water based, but when they are oil based, the subject changes.

But do not worry! Today we bring you some tips that will help you learn how to remove oil paint from clothes without problem. You dare?

Try to remove oil paint with a knife

If the paint is dry, the first thing to do before adding any kind of additional product is to try to scrape it off with a sharp utensil. Learning how to remove oil paint from clothing is quite a process. An ideal element for this work is a blunt knife, since, if it has one, it can end up damaging the garment.

Be very careful so that your garment is not affected and it is possible to remove as much paint from it.

How to remove oil paint from clothes with varsol

Surely this will be the first recommendation that your grandmother will make if you tell her that you want to learn how to remove oil paint from clothes. Due to its chemical components, it is an excellent stain remover on fabrics, especially white ones. However, its prolonged use can lead to the deterioration of the garment. That is why this product should only be used in cases where it is completely necessary.

How to remove oil paint with? Glycerin?

This is another very useful tip that you probably won’t have heard. Believe it or not, glycerin is a great method of removing paint stains on clothing. Glycerin has powerful active chemical agents that manage to dissolve paint particles in clothing. Just add a little bit to the stain and leave it on overnight.

This tip is great for learning how to easily and very effectively remove oil paint from clothing.

Extreme cases: use gasoline

If none of the above tactics have worked satisfactorily, it may be time to use a last resort. Read on and learn how to remove oil paint from your clothes with gasoline. This is a tactic that was also used in yesteryear but worked quite well in extreme cases. Just add a little and try to remove the stain with your hands.

Try not to leave gasoline close to the garment for a long time, since it can alter it a lot due to its chemical components.

General recommendations when learning how to remove oil paint from clothing

The water-based paint is easy to dilute, which is why the use of this is more recommended than that of oil-based. If you are doing an outdoor painting project, where the use of this type of paint is imperative, it is always recommended to use disposable or unused clothing, so as not to affect your normal clothing.

Always try to treat stains as soon as they occur, since when they are dry it is much more difficult to remove them. Everything ready to end the stains on your clothes? Follow these tips and learn how to remove oil paint from clothing!


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