4 ways how to remove paint from clothing

4 ways how to remove paint from clothing

“After this you will no longer have to throw your clothes in the trash after an accident! Learn how to remove paint from clothes in easy steps!”

If you have children at home or just like the touch-up of spaces at home, you will know that exposing yourself to a stain is easier than it seems. This is why you know what type of paint we use and how we can eliminate it will be very useful. Follow these recommendations and learn how to remove paint from clothing easily and quickly!

How to remove paint from clothing when it is dry

This is the most common situation that can arise. We usually notice paint stains several hours after they pass. Read on and learn how to remove paint from clothing when it dries.

The best alternative to solve this problem is to use a metallic element and, with great care, scrape the paint without cutting or damaging the garment. Once you have removed as much dry paint as possible, you should soak the garment in cold water for a few minutes. Then, take it to the washing machine and check the results.

How to remove paint from clothing if it is water

Here the idea of knowing what type of paint is used is important. Those that are water-based are much easier to remove than those that are made of other types of materials.

The only thing you should do is take the affected garment and, with the help of a clothes brush, gently remove the paint under running water. It can be cold or hot. Then, take the garment to the washing machine. When removing it, you will notice that it no longer has stains and you will have managed to know how to remove the paint from the clothes.

How to remove paint from clothing when it is oil based

Honestly, this is the hardest process to carry out, due to the difficulty that exists in removing this type of element in cloth materials.

To do this, you will need paint thinner, liquid detergent, preferably neutral, water, a spoon and a container. Place a towel under the paint stain and apply the solvent. Try not to spread it on the floor to avoid unexpected damage or accidents.

Then, with the spoon, he begins to scrape the paint very carefully. You will have to repeat this process until you can discover how to remove the paint from the clothes completely. Don’t forget that for this method to work, the stain must still be wet. If it has dried, removing it will be practically impossible.

General recommendations

Beyond the size of the stain or the type of substance, there are some general recommendations that you should take into account when learning how to remove paint from clothing.

For example, a golden rule is to always treat the stain before taking it to the washing machine. This will help the stain to be removed more easily and prevent other garments from being affected. Another valuable recommendation is to check the label of the clothes, to know the washing instructions that you may have and thus avoid worse damage. Finally, it is recommended to use protection for hands and mouth in case of having contact with solvents or other substances that could harm your health.


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