4 ways to learn how to remove rust from clothes

4 ways to learn how to remove rust from clothes

“Stains on our clothing are not just from grease, wine, or chlorine. Here are four tips on how to remove rust from clothing.”

All stains are difficult to remove, of that there is no doubt. However, the oxide type has a peculiarity compared to the others: it tends to enlarge easily and penetrate the fabrics of certain clothing items one by one. In what way are they produced? When they are wet they rub with some metallic element. How to remove rust from clothes? We’ll show you right now.

Learn how to remove rust from clothing with salt and vinegar

There is no way to find at home the products necessary to remove those stains from clothes that torment us so much, especially when they are too obvious.

It turns out that by blending white vinegar and salt you can remove rust from clothing. Apply the vinegar directly to the stain and then add a layer of salt. Let the garment dry in the sun and check that the stain has faded. Then wash it ordinary.

We recommend how to remove rust from clothes with baking soda and lemon

The best thing about an antiseptic product is the way it can be combined with another to fulfill its purpose: to clean. Such is the case of baking soda, which is compatible almost with everything.

Use a container to mix two tablespoons of baking soda with lemon juice to remove rust from your clothes. By putting these elements together, a paste will be generated that you must apply directly to the stain. After about two hours in the sun, wash them as usual.

How to remove rust from clothes with kitchen soap? We explain it to you

If you want to find out how to remove rust from clothes using soap, there is good news: yes it is possible, only with kitchen soap instead of traditional laundry detergent.

Do the following: heat a cup of water and when it is warm add a spoonful of soap to the crockery. What follows is to add it to the stained garment and wait 5 minutes for it to take effect. Subsequently, rinse with cold water.

Why not? Go to commercial products if you don’t know how to remove rust from clothes

If you have already tried the other three alternatives that we recommend and none of them worked for you, at least as you expected, you can go to specific commercial products to remove rust stains from clothing.

Some of these products are toxic to the skin, so we recommend following the recommendations that come with them and using gloves. In addition, wash the garment very well before using it to finish off the remains of the applied product.

If you liked the alternatives that you domos on how to remove rust from clothes, there are more in our Projects and Ideas section. Try them out!


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