How to remove wine stains with homemade recipes

How to remove wine stains with homemade recipes

“If your favorite garment is stained with wine and you don’t know how to remove it, don’t worry: it is possible.”

It has happened to all of us that, during a romantic dinner, we shower wine in that white shirt that we like so much. It also happens that in the middle of a meeting with friends, we spoil the sofa with a stain of red wine. Could it be that the issue of the shirt and the sofa have no solution? Yes. We explain some alternatives for you to learn how to remove wine stains.

Rehearse how to remove milk wine stains

Grandparents must be listened to, especially when it comes to home solutions. One of these, for example, is removing wine stains from a shirt using warm milk. Than? Yes, hot milk. Leave it on the stove for about five minutes and pour it into a container. Then, leave the shirt to soak (in a container with the milk) for about two hours.

The next step if you want to remove the wine stains from your shirt is to put it to wash ordinary. You will see that the result is as expected.

The formula for those looking to remove wine stains with vinegar and bicarbonate

One of the worst mistakes we can make when we let wine run on the sofa in the house is taking a cloth and rubbing, because, instead of ending the stain, what we do is spread it. So it is recommended to use napkins to absorb as much wine.

After drying with the napkins, put baking soda on the stain. Leave it for a few minutes and, with a cloth dampened in vinegar, carefully rub the affected part. Wait for it to dry and vacuum out the remaining baking soda. How about this trick to remove wine stains!

Learn how to remove wine stains from your sofa with salt and soda

When it comes to cleaning at home, the least important is what the remedy is, as crazy as it can be. As long as the task is accomplished, it is enough. If not, what do you think of using salt and soda to remove wine stains on the sofa? It is risky, but the result will be worth it.

Put salt on the wine stain on the couch, wait for it to dry (no matter it lasts a whole night), vacuum it, and then? Drown it? with soda. Wait for it to dry, wipe it with a cloth and you will see how it disappears.

How to remove wine stains with boiling water

Among the classic strategies to end all kinds of stains, and that has probably been passed down from generation to generation, is to use boiling water. And if you add a little lemon juice to it, the better.

Put water on the stove and let it boil. Then, just pour it little by little, or use a cloth, on the wine stain. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Remove wine stains from your shirt with soap and hydrogen peroxide

We come to the last trick to remove wine stains. If soda, salt, hot milk, boiling water, and hydrogen peroxide with soap didn’t work for you? Perhaps the solution is to stop taking this drink. Either way!

In a cup mix three of four parts of liquid soap and one of hydrogen peroxide. Soak the stained part of the shirt in this solution and gently rub until necessary. It will surely take you maximum about three times.


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