Interior Decoration 2021: 60 images ideas and tips


Many times we are afraid of decorating following fashions, due to the fact that all fashions are fleeting. But for interior decoration there are certain trends that are maintained over time and provide a lot of elegance. If you have good taste you can carry out this task alone, otherwise an interior designer can help you coordinate the decoration of all aspects of each room: furniture, floor, wall, ceiling and lighting.

Materials in Interior Decoration

Mix of textures

In decoration it is also very important to take into account the textures of the materials. Always play with contrasting textures to add interest. Mix wood, metal, leather and fibers, for example natural bamboo rugs, recycled glass chandeliers and shelves made from recycled wood.


When used well, metal looks classy, it is timeless, it is also a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years, especially in the kitchen, bathtubs, chandeliers, lamps and other ornamental elements.

Rose gold has been very popular for the last two years, but it has peaked and there is now a comeback of yellowish gold metals.

Corduroy or velvet

Corduroy is a cheaper alternative to velvet, which has a great visual effect in decoration. We’re seeing bold proposals in upholstery, a growing trend that has never gone out of style, but is clearly on the rise.

Fake fur

In sofas, chairs, rugs and cushions, leathers are another of the classics that can add great interest to a room. Although natural fur can be very beautiful, they look much better on live and happy animals, therefore, opt for fake fur, which is very varied and spectacular.

Light or very dark colored woods

Honey-toned woods seem to have gained a lot of ground in recent years, and the trend will continue. Oak and cherry are fantastic options, both in design, durability and aesthetics. Go for the high quality, don’t be stingy with the cost as it will be an elegant and exquisite investment for generations to come. This trend has been growing steadily over the last 8 years and continues to gain ground.

Earthy tones and dark woods will make a comeback too. Shou Sugi Ban’s charring marbling technique resulting in a wonderful blackened surface effect, and will be reused.

Do not buy wood if you do not know its origin, since many companies work with wood from forests not suitable for cutting. The same with all the materials that make up the construction and decoration.

Ethnic prints

Ethnic print fabrics and upholstery will never go out of style. Adding details from distant lands to the home can beautify bland and boring interiors.

So if you see a cushion or rug brimming with other cultures, feel free to use them to add warmth and great visual interest to the rooms.

Geometric prints

Geometric designs are another of the classics not only in the world of interior design, but also in other markets, such as fashion. Sometimes their appearance becomes more noticeable in a few years, and we see them in shop windows, interior design and advertisements.

But despite these fashion swings, they are always a smart choice. They are a great option for interior designs.

Handicrafts in fibers and macramé

Inexpensive and accessible to most, fiber art and macrame are creative propositions and have the advantage of adding interest to smooth surfaces. It is definitely another trend that will never go out of style. Can be used on artwork, furniture, or decorative items.

An exotic style can be reached due to the unusual combination of patterns and textures. It invites us to value artisan work and products made by hand. Its asymmetrical shapes and striking colors can give a very interesting touch. It is a nostalgic and traditional trend, it is based on functional products that resist the passage of time, in crude manufacturing, very simple and casual.

The artisan workmanship for design, whether of ornaments or unique furniture, has an unmatched quality and added value. They distinguish themselves, they do not need luminaires or special locations.

As our lives become more hectic and dependent on technology, our desire to reconnect with nature and return to a simpler way of life is reflected in the design and style of our homes. Organic materials and traditional crafts will continue to gain ground.

Modern rugs

A perfectly designed and decorated room completely changes our mood, allowing us to relax and have fun. A great element of interior decoration is rugs. For spacious rooms, base rugs in a neutral color are perfect. That’s the key to a large rug looking elegant and not overwhelming.

If you start with a neutral rug as a base, then you can pair it with a smaller patterned rug, following the style of the furniture. Jute rugs are perfect for this.

For example, a texture with a natural base such as jute or sisal, accompanied by an irregular imitation leather rug. It’s a way of layering and creating a bold, modern contrast. Irregular shaped rugs are perfect for this, the natural texture of jute is responsible for framing.

For bedrooms and bathrooms, the soft sheepskin rugs are perfect, superimposed on another to match the room.

For bedrooms and bathrooms, the soft sheepskin rugs are perfect, superimposed on another to match the room.

A strong trend in interior design is to mix styles and textures of rugs, in the form of layers. You must leave spaces on the floor in view to generate a good contrast. Sometimes a single rug doesn’t add anything to the room. A very popular trend is to make a collage with various rugs of different textures. They provide a playful effect and a carefree style.

Another very popular trend today is using rugs with a worn and antique look.

Another trend is rugs with geometric designs.


Translucent, fresh, bright, luminous, are some words to define this decorative and functional element. An easy way to create a nice decoration. Cotton and linen are the materials that are being used the most in recent years.

Styles in interior decoration

Japanese and Nordic

This combination of styles is being seen a lot, and achieves very elegant spaces.

Industrial and modern

Creating contrast by incorporating furniture of different styles, such as industrial and modern, is one of the most used decorating tricks today.

Lighting is an important element that can be used to our advantage to create contrasts. For example, you can play with very modern style luminaires; next to an industrial and rustic staircase.

Accessories such as curtains, cushions and rugs in various colors, materials and textures, can also be great allies when it comes to recreating environments in this beautiful modern industrial style.

Rustic and modern

In modern kitchens, one of the secrets that is having the most popularity to visually impact, is the incorporation of rustic details along with modern elements.

Mixing hot and cold colors in furniture and home accessories can cause the visual impact you were looking for. This effect can also be achieved with the incorporation of a modern armchair with rustic decorative details.

Wabi Sabi

One of the tips for 2021 is to look for products that relate to Wabi Sabi, the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection. These items actually get more attractive and interesting as they become worn out from use; revealing new layers of color and texture, wear, and oxidation.


This has to do with creating moods. Huge extensions of lifeless plain white walls can be replaced with details of interest and personality. Think bold and bold details, making a statement with all the design elements. Interesting and metallic accessories can be the perfect accompaniment; complement adding glamor.

Despite continuing to live in a casual style, sophistication can be expressed from many different aspects. Without turning the room into a museum, you can give a good treatment to the ceiling, or to the style of the floors or, why not, to the textures of the walls.

It can be summed up in one room, the best of various branches of styles. For example, the English Country style, mixed with the French Country, with certain qualities of Scandinavian aspects or the rusticity of the American Wild West. Everything is valid.

Knowing how to handle in what quantities is good and in what proportions we exceed ourselves, having sophisticated and opulent elements that can be used as a focal point or subtly distributed in different corners of the room, can serve to decorate the home and make it look very distinguished, without leaving to have a low profile, which we often seek.


Modern can be mixed with immortal traditional designs. Done right, it’s a decoration that can stand the test of time.

Today’s trends go faster than the wind and many times when we start having them in our homes, they already stopped running in any decoration store. Therefore, you have to be careful with what elements can be maintained over time, since if you are going to buy little by little, you can keep pieces that later will be impossible to combine with others, for example.

Unique and original

Adding something different, unique and special to your designs is an easy way to put a personal accent that identifies you.

There is no better detail than that which gives the home the category of own. You are not always guided by trends, you can set trends yourself. Do not rush to make a change in your home, good touch-ups take time; But above all, do not follow trends that you can see on TV, such as putting the flat television on top of the wood stove, if you have tried it, you can see that you will be cramped in a few minutes.


Remember those rooms in your grandparents’ house that seemed to be museums, the only thing missing was a rope with a sign that said “do not touch.” Today it is not. At present, the rooms are to be enjoyed and the dining rooms are to eat. Space is at a premium in homes today, so these rooms really need to be used as they should.

You should focus on achieving a warm and relaxing environment, but above all relaxed. That is, armchairs and sofas that are not so formal, larger and low, as to recline. A carpet at the height of them. Entertainment with an electronic element can never be lacking, although overloading the room should be avoided.


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