Tips to make the most of a small terrace


We will agree on the importance of making the most of the available space of a terrace, especially when square meters are scarce and we have to be ingenious to make life beyond the four walls of our home.

In this article I will try to make you a little clearer about what can be done to enjoy a terrace properly, no matter how small it is.

Create a corner for relaxation

Spring and summer are to relax, to take it all easier. And best of all, you don’t have to be on vacation to feel that sense of disconnection. Of course, you must have a perfectly conditioned corner to put your mind blank and enjoy in good company. That the terrace is small should not be an excuse, since with a small sofa or a bench attached to one of the walls you can create that little oasis for which scented candles and soft lighting will come in handy.

Don’t miss a good aperitif!

Relajarse está bien, pero a determinadas horas tu estómago puede recordarte que le falta algo. Prepara un aperitivo aunque no tengas espacio para montar una mesa enorme gracias a soluciones tan prácticas como una balda desplegable. Tapearás como es debido cuando esté desplegada y te olvidarás de ella cuando ya no la necesites. También puedes utilizar una mesa auxiliar si vas a compartir el aperitivo con pocas personas.

Los muebles, si son multifuncionales, mejor que mejor

Not all furniture is welcome on a mini terrace. Large ones have a difficult place for obvious reasons. In addition, it is preferable that they are multifunctional so as not to fill the space with unnecessary furniture. Ideally, they should be practical and simple, and if possible they offer us some storage option.

Less is more

Por el mismo motivo que no hay que llenar la terraza de muebles, tampoco hay que llenarla de otros objetos decorativos como textiles, jarrones, velas… Evidentemente, tampoco cometas el error de pensar que la terraza es un trastero, porque en ese caso verás reducidas tus posibilidades de disfrutarla y dejarás de pensar en ella como un lugar destinado al ocio y al descanso.

Las barandillas también cuentan

As it is about taking advantage of even the smallest of the available gaps, the railings become more than a security element. For example, we can use them as a support for planters, which will undoubtedly give your terrace a very natural look.


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