Mini Bar in Wood or Metal 20 Ideas For The Home


The mini bars for our home are an ideal option for people who like to prepare their drinks and organize meetings at home. With good taste, they can recreate a warm and very comfortable environment.

Hidden in a closet

One of the most popular options is to have them hidden in a closet. In this way, they will only be visible when we want them to. In addition, it is a way to optimize space.

A home bar definitely adds life to the party. A single closet can be transformed into a full service with a sink and ample storage space.

Mini bar with counter

If you have a larger budget, consider this type of option. They can look really very stylish. The ideal is to mix materials and textures. Wood combined with cement is a very wise choice.

Any unused space in the house can be transformed to fulfill this function. For example, under a ladder.


If you do not have enough space for this type of furniture, we can opt for a portable mini bar, which is also very nice. Those that mix metal and acrylic are very elegant and decorative.


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