Colors for Modern Bathrooms 2021


Colors for modern bathrooms

Black and white

The bathroom doesn’t have to be large to look modern. In this case, using black and white has achieved a very contemporary design in a relatively small space.

The black color can only be used in some decorative details, as we see below.

Dark gray

The bathroom is a hub of activity in any home. The bathroom is the place to enjoy a bit of tranquility as we prepare in the morning to start the day, and to end an arduous day at night. Neutral colors, like gray, bring a lot of calm.

The white color in the bathrooms achieves a timeless and classic design, but for those who are interested in achieving something with more character, gray tiles are the perfect choice.

If you are looking for a striking contrast, instead of the classic neutral colors, dark gray is a good option for a single wall, as a contrast to the rest of the white bathroom.

The dark gray color in the bathrooms also gives them a very modern and contemporary look. You can light it up with soft neutral colors, like gray or white.


The shades of beige stand out, which look very elegant combined with wood, glass, stone and shiny metal.

Some of the colors that most impose presence in these spaces are earthy ones, which are sometimes aptly combined with the so pure and versatile white color.

Pale shades of sand, gold, silver, ivory, brown, white and cream are undoubtedly the ones that best complement the decoration of modern bathrooms, since they provide softness and warmth to a space as intimate as the bathroom.

Striking color accents

Adding touches of color to the bathrooms is one of the options to make them look modern and contemporary, in this case the color blue was used in the closet under the sink.

Another good idea is to color the back wall of the sink.

One of the colors that looks great in a bathroom is green. Provides a lot of freshness and a feeling of cleanliness.

Green is beautiful in all its shades, be it emerald green or sage green. And as you see in the images, both make up really elegant and cozy environments.

Being one of the colors with more tones and that each one is especially flattering, you can use either a vibrant green or a pastel green. It lends itself well to combine with neutral colors such as white, gray or brown.

Orange can be combined with any neutral shade.

However, if you prefer to create accents with a more striking color, you can incorporate some notes of vibrant yellow, since they are tones full of energy and vitality.

Gold or silver

To add a more sophisticated and artistic touch, metal accessories can be used.

The support under the counter can also be made of metal. This is one of the current offers.

The metallic sheen accentuates the sculptural surface of the accessories, where lines, angles and curves are enhanced.


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