Modern girls’ rooms: 40+ images and tips

Modern girls' rooms: 50+ images and tips

Decorating girls’ rooms is especially attractive since we can get very creative and use many decorative styles, as well as various elements and colors. We show you a great collection of great ideas and photos to inspire you.

Colors for girls rooms

When we must decorate a girl’s room, many times we choose to paint everything pink without much effort. However, it is not the ideal decoration, just a quick solution. You must learn to play with the contrast of the floor and the wall. You can paint the walls in a bright shade, to enlarge the room and choose a dark color for the floor. Keep in mind that bright colors expand while dark colors reduce.

Pastel colors

There are a number of colors that girls always love, and they are the pastel shade combinations of spring colors like pink, light blue, yellow and green. Below we see some bedrooms in which pastel pink with gray and white have been used, achieving a very feminine, modern and chic room.

To achieve this spring look, we can resort to floral patterns and lighter and more luminous colors, so that the room becomes cozy and feminine at the same time. The best thing is that these suggestions allow us to play with elements that work for both a little girl and a slightly older girl. The age we already know, that will demand a change in the decoration as it grows.

Limiting yourself in the use of colors does not have to be boring, when we can choose two emblematic colors such as pink and white. This allows us to keep a check on the change of decorative elements and other details, when we are in the decision to change the decoration or adapt it to the taste of the girl turned adolescent.

Pink and green

This is another combination widely used in girl’s room. It looks very fresh and revitalizing.

Mix of various colors

Another type of decoration, includes all colors, which are incorporated through accessories and ornaments. The background of the room is kept in a bright color, such as white or cream.

Make a fun, colorful decoration with pictures on the bedroom walls. It may seem like a difficult job but with patience you can easily do it. Strong colors stimulate children.


Red is another one of girls’ favorite colors. It can be combined with pink and white.

With yellow accents

Yellow is a revitalizing color, which is usually used in children’s rooms because it is very happy, as it reminds of the sun and holidays.

Wall paper or decorative vinyl

A wall paper with ornaments such as vertical stripes, allows us to add more color. We can also use vinyl or stickers to decorate walls, since today it is a very relevant trend in interior decoration, with a variety of designs that make it easier for us to change our style whenever we want. You can always take advantage of elements of one decoration and merge with another, what is sought is to find inspiration and choose what best suits the space and personal taste of the girl.

You can also choose a wallpaper with drawings and funny figures. It is an easy way to add fun to a room. However, the soil must be taken into account. If accessories such as curtains and furniture are brightly colored, it is best to leave the floor a neutral shade without rugs.

Girls dormitory rooms

When we talk about decorating children’s bedrooms for two girls, it can be more complicated since the space must be distributed for both girls, who have room to play and a suitable place for them to do their homework. It must be a room designed for two in all its elements and also, the room must help them communicate with each other.

The only rule to follow is that the bed of both should be combined, either having the same set of sheets or very similar colors or conversely, creating a nice contrast between the two.

Furniture and accessories

You can choose curtains, cushions and upholstery that combine with each other and with other accessories in the room. You can choose strong and fun colors to stimulate a girl. Retro and vintage furniture is perfect for painting in bright colors and can also look fabulous.

You should not forget certain items, such as a desk and a whiteboard. You must remember that it must be a perfect space for your daughter to study, have fun, play and sleep. Therefore, all the elements that she needs in her day-to-day must be integrated. Storage is also very important, so you can store not only your clothes, but your toys, books and school supplies.

In addition, you can add on the walls everything your daughter likes, such as a collection of dolls or figures of her favorite cartoon.

Fantasy beds

Girls love princesses and feel like one of them. You can use a fantasy bed. It will be a very decorative element in a bedroom.

Shelves for girls’ rooms

Do not forget to incorporate shelves, so you can have on hand what you use the most, but at the same time, have the room always tidy.

If you are thinking about how to decorate your girl’s room, looking to save money, but at the same time achieve the best results, then maybe you want to see these magnificent dollhouse shelves that Pottery Barn has to offer.

They are a fun way to set the space, in addition to the fact that every girl has always dreamed of a dollhouse, so when she sees one of that size, she will be fascinated. As you can see in the images, both to store clothes or different accessories, as well as to officiate space to play and entertain with friends, this shelf fulfills a vital double function, which will involve parents, not having to invest for separated in both accessories.

Besides, you should not believe that the fact of mixing a site that must be ordered, with another that is for games, will generate problems, since the girl herself, will learn from a young age, the need to be organized, from when something is removed from a site, then return it to its place, a teaching that is very simple, but many times we see that it is difficult to carry out.

The ideal is to complement them with wicker baskets, lined with old sheets, and then have toys, clean clothes, books, towels and any other useful accessories placed there, which should be at hand.


There are many ideas for decorating children’s bedrooms. It is the easiest room to decorate since there are not many rules when choosing colors and decorative elements, since they do not have to be consistent with each other. Just by choosing cheerful colors and stimulating elements the room will be perfect and your girl will love it.


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