Modern Lamps: +40 Photos, Ideas and Trends


Lamps represent one of the most commonly coveted objects when it comes to decorating, and it is not for less, since they fulfill several important functions. First, they highlight the elements that you want to highlight, second, they provide warmth and beauty to the rooms and third, they facilitate the task that takes place in that space.

1- Modern pendant lamps

Ceiling lamps have great versatility. They can not only be placed in the classic way, that is, on a table, for example the dining room table, but also on a chair or on a specific corner, thus supplanting floor or table lamps.

Another possibility to take into account is that they can be placed on a table, but not in the center of it, but moved towards one end. You can also place several coordinated ceiling lamps, achieving an interesting composition of different sizes, heights or designs. Another possibility is to place two pendant lamps, one at each end of the table, if it is rectangular.

One of the things to take into account when selecting a lamp is its size and the size of the space where it is intended to be used. Its design should also be taken into account, for example: sometimes, a piece with a lot of design is enough for the entire dining room decoration. The fewer elements together, the better. If it is very protagonist, no more elements should be added so that it does not get lost in the middle of other objects.

On the other hand, the larger and highly designed lamps are perfect for embellishing spacious dining rooms, hallways or corners to which you want to add prominence.

Another very important trend today is the use of modern low-rise pendant lamps. They are used to illuminate surfaces or decorative ornaments, for example, a vase on a table.

Another proposal is the industrial trend, in which the light bulb is the lamp and the cables are visible.

2-Modern wall lamps

Whether you are looking to add an accent to your interior or need more lighting, wall lamps are great allies in decoration, so we bring you some ideas to incorporate them.

Lighting is always one of the components of our houses that is neglected, even though it is one of the most important. That is why the incorporation of these modern wall lamps can make your rooms more functional and provide the necessary lighting in the darkest areas and corners.

Regarding wall lamps, they can not only be used to illuminate a room, but we can benefit from their beautiful decorative designs.

They can supplant pendant lamps, floor lamps and even table lamps.

In the past, lighting was reserved for those areas where the cable owes the length to reach the plug, but today we can benefit from wireless lighting, making the light in our spaces more uniform. In addition, the ceiling lamps, which were the best alternative we had, did not illuminate corners and dark areas either; For all these reasons, modern wall lamps are an excellent form of lighting.

Besides thinking of wall lamps only as something functional, considering them as architectural statements is the best way to add interest to your interiors.

3-Ecological lamps

Nowadays more and more creativity plays a central role in industrial design, since the most ingenious generally wins, which has made a huge number of objects never thought of before appear on the market and in lighting there is also really a lot of play. , so much so that nothing surprises us anymore. Recycling also gains prominence, as a way to save on resources and minimize the negative impact on the environment. And when creativity is combined with recycling, very original and novel lamps can be achieved.

4-Solar lamps

Solar lamps are also being used more and more, due to the energy savings that this implies. You can find a lot of bargains on the market.

Having lamps in the garden is always a good idea, as it can be used both for safety, as well as to highlight the plants or set the scene for a party. Having flowers in the living room also helps to decorate and highlight the space. Now, having both in a single element and that they are also self-sufficient, would seem to be the perfect decorative and functional element. And it is so; Let’s look at a modern flower-shaped solar lamp, which combines all this.

With an original Gozdom design, what is in front of our eyes is nothing more than a bronze flower, equipped with LED lights and a sunflower that is actually nothing more than small solar panels. The base of all the work is polished hardwood, with a carved bronze inlay, which is what gives rise to the rest of the plant.

A true work of art, made by hand, that can serve as we said, for any space in the home, as long as you remember to load it with the sunlight itself. It will be attractive to see it in the garden, but it will also attract attention inside the house, therefore it fulfills the objective of being a highly striking and interesting decorative piece.

5-LED light guides

Lighting with led light guides has also become increasingly fashionable.

These, for example, are quite inexpensive and give phenomenal results, your electricity bill will not increase either since most work with 1-2 normal batteries and last a long time.

They are also in different textures, not just colors, for example paper lanterns similar to Chinese lanterns, which can be put on a shelf.


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