40 Modern small apartments: photos – design and decoration

40 Modern small apartments: photos - design and decoration

Every day the floors are smaller, so you have to save on unnecessary decoration, furniture, and therefore you must be very smart when starting to decorate. Here are some tips for decorating small floors.

Colors on small floors

The first thing you have to think about is that there are visual tricks that deceive the eye and make a room seem much more spacious, playing with the light. For this reason, use white or light colors for walls and floors, and try to let in plenty of natural light.


Another of the main tricks is to play with the mirrors. These must be placed very strategically, to start, they must be at eye level, placed just in front of the windows, or you can also place them one and a half meters from the ground. These make a double-spaced effect, also reflecting luminosity.

Furniture on small floors

Think about the furniture or accessories you can do without, since the more furniture or accessories you include, the more overwhelmed it will feel. For example, in a living room, if you have a TV cabinet, a table and a sofa, it is enough for you, the rest is left over.

Bed is generally the most important place in a small flat; so there is no need to skimp on a good bed, fluffy and shiny cushions and cushions. That the bed has the best position on the floor (near the window). In order to generate the sensation of an elegant hotel room.

Strongly ingrained is the theory that the size of furniture should be proportional to the size of the floor. If the floor is small, the furniture should be too. Another interesting idea is to use glass on both dining tables and living room tables to create a feeling of more space.

So when decorating it should not be forgotten that there are furniture priorities in relation to the small space.

Generally, large armchairs are chosen, with curves or in the shape of an “L”, to give greater integrity, and also avoid overloading the place, since every centimeter is necessary.

Things like a dining table are generally avoided, changing to islands above the kitchen, which serve as a dining space, with stools. Anyway, if you want to have a better defined place, put a table on one side, visually separated by the addition of a carpet.

Remember, everything is possible, however small the space may be; Today hundreds of people around the globe are dedicated to constantly looking for solutions to take advantage of spaces, without having to resign ourselves to losing any comfort.


It is important to define what is important and what is not in the space you inhabit. It depends on who you live with or if you live alone. Living in a small apartment with your whole family, in which you should have all the traditional spaces of a house, is not the same as living alone in a studio apartment, where the essential thing is a desk for your work and not a box spring that occupies half fourth (which could be replaced by a folding bed).

If you live alone in a studio, and do not work in it, you can give yourself the pleasure of decorating it luxuriously.


Small floors are cozy in themselves due to their small space. So if the decoration elements are handled well, it can be splendidly decorated.

For those mono environments in which the kitchen is part of the only space, it is very good to differentiate the areas of each place with different carpeting textures.


You don’t have to live with typical standard floor blinds. The long fabric curtains give it a more spacious feeling. It is not necessary to have a window to put a curtain; This illusion is openly used both in houses and apartments, and in blind cruise rooms.


If you have skills you can do it yourself, otherwise leave it in the hands of a specialist and you will see how a good lighting installation can leave your floor made a truly elegant and modern place.


Most small floors are “90ยบ angle boxes.” So it is interesting to give a touch of curves to the spaces, either with rounded seats, shelves with certain undulations or rugs with curved designs.


Remember that the most important thing is the order. Everything must be in place. If you can, use organizing furniture that is practical, and remove all the decoration that bothers you.

Construction of a second level

Nowadays, it is very fashionable to get small floors made in old abandoned factory buildings, with different designs from those of today’s floors, where the heights are much higher and the possibilities that this can mean, too. Let’s look at some images of small loft designs.

They generally do not exceed 60 square meters and can range from 35 square meters only. Smaller cases than these, would already be crazy. Well, based on the fact that the horizontal surface is limited, young people with vision have opted for remodeling, creating a second floor.

The lofts with heights of more than 5 meters have been subdivided, creating wooden mezzanines, which help create closed spaces at the bottom, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, while at the top, they have placed the bedroom, thus separating it from the functional and social space of the house.


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