60+ Modern vintage dining rooms and decorating ideas

Modern vintage dining rooms

Often stocked with one or more key 20th century design pieces, vintage dining rooms combine styles, colors and materials from other eras to become a harmonious and highly personal space. The spirit mixes elements from previous decades and contemporary times to compose an exclusive dining room.

The vintage dining room perfectly combines various times to reflect the identity of the family. Red, blue, wood, metal, plastic, old world maps, 50’s lighting… everything is allowed.

Mix of styles in vintage dining rooms

If you want to organize a Scandinavian design dining room with touches of industrial design, this is entirely possible. In the Scandinavian dining room, bright and natural colors are used, while in the industrial dining room we focus on free tones (black, dark gray, brown, navy, charcoal gray). On the other hand, pieces of furniture can be perfectly mixed in the two styles.

The followers of the decorative retro style, mainly bet on the mix of the fifties, seventies and sixties. The pop of color, the old materials (formica, polyurethane foam) and the ultra retro design.

Boho Chic vintage dining rooms

Vintage decor has a lot of variations to use, for example giving it some Boho Chic touches. It is an elegant style with lots of details and accessories. And again, the versatility of the bohemian style surprises us.

Choose the combination that you like the most, or simply use a neutral scheme, such as gray and white. Patterned tapestry walls can be a great idea. Then choose your furniture, glass tables or rustic wood. Add colorful fabrics such as curtains, rugs, pillows, etc. And some accessories like chandeliers, lamps and art pieces.

Retro romantic dining rooms

If you like decoration with touches of femininity and romance, take a look at this photo gallery that will surely inspire you. Delicate floral patterns and accessories in pastel colors will help make the room look a little more feminine and delicate.

You can also choose an elegant vintage style, which is extremely exquisite and can give the space a refined touch. White is one of the main colors for this type of decoration. Ruffled curtains and tablecloths can help, as well as chandeliers and candle holders will add a romantic look if necessary. Don’t forget to also decorate with family photos, they will help make the space look more cozy.


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