12 tips and tricks for modernizing a living room


We work on volumes and open up perspectives

Decompartmentalize the living space

It’s hard to give a living room a facelift if it’s small, compartmentalized, and offers no visual perspective. In contemporary homes, we seek to decompartmentalize spaces to create transversal and multi-purpose living spaces: kitchen, dining room and living room meet in a vast “open space” which gives pride of place to volumes, perspectives and to a fluid circulation from one space to another. No more small independent rooms: in this new defragmented living space, the volumes are designed to be complementary and offer maximum flexibility.

Concretely, this means that it is necessary to study the possibilities of rearranging your living room so that it is more open, that this involves the destruction of one or more dividing walls with the dining room and / or the kitchen, for drilling an opening (window, arch) between the rooms or by replacing a wall with a partition or half-partition. The idea is to increase the impression of space and spatial fluidity. It’s up to you to see what works best for your home.

Turn up the volume and let in the light

In a modern living room, we take care to let in as much light as possible, as it contributes to the impression of space. We replace its small checkered windows by large bay windows, we install a glass roof or a veranda in the extension of the living room to invite the garden into the house: everything is good as long as natural light is invited inside and that the gaze escapes to the outside.


When it comes to furniture, we prioritize comfort and functional storage, but be careful, in both cases, the design must be there!

Comfortable furniture for a cozy atmosphere.

The living room is above all a place of relaxation, we will try to create a cocooning space a little out of the world where we feel good.
For this, nothing beats a comfortable armchair or sofa. It is essential to invest in a set of good quality sofa armchairs that will not collapse over time: we recommend choosing a leather sofa that will have the advantage of offering a comfortable seat while offering more outfit and longevity than a fabric sofa.

Functional and designer storage

No more old-fashioned wardrobes that weigh tons, offer little storage and clutter up spaces. Current storage units must be functional and spacious while being forgotten. This is done with the large wall cupboards that blend into the decor and play on volumes with full (closed cupboards to store all everyday objects that are not always aesthetic) and openings (niches or decorative shelves to put its beautiful objects in value).

Thermal and sound comfort

An essential aspect of the invitation to relax, the sound and thermal comfort of the living room requires a modernization of certain aspects.

Well-insulated windows

For good sound and thermal insulation in your living room, you start by changing your windows or installing double or triple glazing on existing windows. This is one of the best ways to avoid thermal bridges and to isolate yourself from ambient noise, especially if you install large bay windows that give more grip to the outside elements!

Temperature regulation system

Cold, heatwave: temperatures can be extreme and cause real discomfort if you are not equipped with a temperature control system in your home. Nothing like reversible air conditioning (also called air / air heat pump or thermodynamic heating) to modernize your living room by bringing real progress: a discreet, efficient and economical technology that brings freshness in summer and heating in winter, for the assurance of having a constant temperature in your living room.

Wall coverings

When it comes to wallcovering, trends have evolved a lot and if the walls in your living room have not been touched for several years, there is a good chance they are out of fashion! Nothing like a little brushstroke to modernize your living room!

Textured paintings play on reliefs

Current paints offer textures, colors and finishes of great subtlety. Satin, powdery, textured effect, you will get lost in the variety of effects, not to mention the colors, often used in the plural for matching games (powdery white and duck blue, taupe and almond green, etc.). The painting catches the light and creates reliefs to energize the space and draw a living room in its image.

Wall panels or cladding break uniformity

Another great trend in wall coverings, wall cladding or wall panel that creates contrast: whether in luxury wallpaper, wood, cork or reconstituted stone, it contributes to breaking visual uniformity and brings a touch of contrast to the room. Result: it often plays the role of centerpiece to which all eyes are turned.

The effect is even more spectacular when the facing is invited to the ceiling as is the case in this unique creation, sure to captivate your guests:

Floor covering

Renovate by modernizing

Floor coverings too get a makeover: that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your vintage parquet if you’re lucky enough to have some, but maybe it’s right. need a renovation in the rules of the art, or a little boost to brighten it up for example? There are a thousand ways to restore period parquet floors by giving them a touch of modernity that goes well with contemporary decor.

Modern materials

If your floor is in dire need of a facelift, know that there are now easygoing and trendy floor coverings such as vinyl floors, floor paints or waxed concrete, all perfectly suited to a living room. Easy to install and maintain, they are the most beautiful effect, especially when they imitate a herringbone parquet floor as is the case here (photo below).

Lights that create the mood

To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, arrange beautiful modern light fixtures in several places in your living room rather than a single chandelier that provides direct light. Prefer designer lights which are in themselves works of art and know how to catch the eye and diffuse indirect, soft and pleasant light. A beautiful suspension on the ceiling, a designer floor lamp above the sofa corner, a wall lamp and why not a light garland in a vase to bring a touch of playful fairyland to the place.

Minimalist decoration

When it comes to decorative objects, the trend is more minimalist. We do not clutter our space with a host of knickknacks, but instead we select a handful of sharp decorative objects that bring real added value to the room: beautiful masks brought back from the end of the world, art deco vase found in a flea market or sculpture inherited from your ancestors.

A little decoration tip to finish: a few paintings or lithographs by contemporary painters are unique in suggesting a trendy and modern piece. Whatever your budget, there are many solutions to decorate your walls with prints or reproductions that will help make your living room a modern and lively living room.


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