Moisture on the walls and ceiling: causes and solution


Do you have humidity problems at home? Don’t worry, it’s more normal than you think and luckily it has a solution. In fact, it is not even necessary to turn to professionals in most cases, since there are very effective remedies that do not mean that it is necessary to develop a prevention plan so as not to be involved in the same problem over and over again.

Moisture usually makes an appearance in old floors, both on the walls and on the ceiling, and especially in certain places such as the space that is just behind the headboard of the bed. The color of the paint is fading, the condition of the walls worsens and it is essential to find a solution as soon as possible, since we can suffer respiratory conditions that in some cases are serious. Do not forget that fungi and microorganisms are harmful to health, especially if you suffer from allergies.

The most common causes

Take note of what I tell you below because detecting the causes can come in handy to eliminate the humidity and prevent it from reappearing in the future.

Condensation humidity

An excess of water vapor in the environment turns into a liquid state and causes this type of humidity. Neither dehumidifiers nor anti-condensation systems serve to end it. At first they appear in the form of small spots, but little by little they spread and the problem worsens. Hence, it is important to act quickly.

To avoid humidity due to condensation, it is best to avoid the use of stoves and other heating systems, ventilate every day, do not let clothes dry inside the house (do not place them on radiators), open a window when cooking and showering , do not stick the furniture excessively to the wall.

Capillarity moisture

This humidity has its origin in the ability of the walls to absorb the water that comes from the subsoil, which makes it very common in basements and ground floors. Humidity can reach one and a half meters in height, which depends on the porosity of the wall.

It is recommended that the walls are not too porous and that there is adequate insulation. Otherwise, we run the risk of seeing the paint and coatings deteriorate. And not only that, but the walls are weakened, there may be problems in the electrical installation and there is a higher heating consumption due to humidity.

Moisture from seepage

It takes place when one of the conduits of the work that are on the other side of the wall suffers some anomaly. It happens with recessed pipes and with forgings, and luckily they do not usually generate humidity problems as clearly visible as those produced by condensation or capillarity. Of course, construction materials are degrading, so the structure may be in danger.

We must not make the mistake that with an anti-humidity paint we solve the problem, since it only hides it from our eyes. On the other side of the wall, the leaks continue, so in these cases it is highly recommended to have the help of a specialist.

A solution that has worked for me

Except in the case of moisture from leaks, which requires more work, I have to say that there is a product that has been very good for me to eliminate the humidity that I had in one of the walls and in parts of the ceiling of the double room . I painted about a year ago and I was surprised to see the state it was in, although luckily it didn’t take me long to fix it.

Without trying to advertise the product as we have done on other occasions with other manufacturers, I have to say that Pattex Healthy Anti-Mold Bath was great for me. What I did was apply it liberally to the damp areas by firing his spray gun from about 8 inches away. I let it work for about 15-20 minutes and cleaned everything with a rag dipped in hot water. Both the wall and the ceiling were like new.

It went very well for me, but I don’t know if the results will be as good if it is a wall that is 50 years old and has been damp for 10 years. In those cases I imagine that it will not be as effective, but I believe that by trying it nothing is lost. Of course, afterwards you have to put into practice the prevention tips, such as airing the rooms every day.


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