Nordic Decoration 25 Photos and Design Ideas


At the same time warm, cozy, designer and very easy to configure, Nordic decoration meets all the requirements to be a successful decoration, as it is today. We will show you below a series of tips so that you can achieve this style easily.

Neutral colors

Sober and clean, white is the basis of Scandinavian design. Elegant and neutral, it is above all very bright, a vital feature in countries where half the year is in darkness.

The floor is usually made of light wood materials, either in its natural light color or painted white.

Another advantage of this color is that it is a timeless basic that goes with everything. It is used on the floor, walls, ceiling, or across furniture. It is usually combined with gray, beige, black and with touches of bright colors.

To break up the monotony of white, you can add touches of color in accessories and patterns. Vivid tones are used, including fluo, in details such as blankets, lamps, candles, some cushions or a chair.

Scandinavians are particularly fond of geometric and simple patterns in interior decoration.

Furniture and decorations

You must be aware that the furniture has to be very few and functional. For example, in a room, with the bed and two nightstands or a bench at the foot of the bed is more than enough.

In the living room, you must have the television and a central table to eat accompanied by an armchair.

If your living room is very small, you can opt for a two-section armchair in black and the entire living room in white, to give a little depth.

If your living room is too big, then use an L-shaped chair so you can “fill in” that space.

Remember to use the least amount of decorations possible. So don’t buy anything more than what is necessary. If you feel that the living room is very empty, do not fill it with small objects, better buy a large carpet that fills the space.

Modern lighting with an industrial design such as wall sconces and pendant lamps is recommended. Candles and chandeliers can make a Scandinavian living room feel warm, cozy, and romantic.

Vintage elements

It is a style that incorporates many vintage elements, so achieving a decoration in this style may require visiting second-hand stores.

Wood and metal

A Scandinavian design makes use of wood not only in the floor, but also in furniture and accessories. These houses usually have coffee tables and wooden chairs. However, the recent trend in Scandinavian decorating style combines wood with metallic finishes. For example, copper sconces and brass pendants are installed to add shine.

Fantastic results can be achieved simply by incorporating rustic wood furniture and details such as branches carved by water, such as those found in rivers and streams or lamps that have a wooden base for example.

Those who enjoy, in addition to the naturalistic style in their spaces but also the color of modern furniture, can perfectly combine the two styles by opting for modern furniture adorned with rustic details in wood or stone.

Plants and flowers

Those who, on the other hand, are plant lovers, can perfectly bet on corners, tables and furniture decorated with plants or vases full of flowers. A successful and fresh way to decorate, which brings a beautiful color to spaces.

Warm fabrics

Most of the countries in the Scandinavian region have climates with extremely cold temperatures. Therefore, the use of warm textiles is common in decoration.

These textiles can come in the form of blankets and rugs made of wool, sheepskin, or mohair. Complementing with warm textiles is a great way to make a Scandinavian living room feel cozy and warm, especially during winter.

In this type of decoration, the use of different textures is essential to create warmth.

Minimalism and order

It is a style that mainly seeks simplicity. It should be decorated with the minimum. When it comes to Scandinavian decor, the mantra “less is more” should be followed to keep the space looking minimal and more visually relaxing.

One of the most important characteristics of a Scandinavian interior design is order. Therefore, storage spaces must be organized intelligently.


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