30 open shelving ideas in the kitchen


There are two types of people, those who believe that open shelves in the kitchen are practical for storing and using utensils, as well as beautiful and decorative; and those who think that utensils, plates and glasses should not be left in sight.

I like open shelves because if you have it more or less tidy they look great, the kitchen looks bigger and more spacious, everything is at hand and it is very attractive to decorate. If you like open kitchen shelves, here I bring you 30 ideas for yours.

How to decorate the kitchen with open shelves

There are 3 ways to complement the kitchen with open shelves, and they work the same for modern kitchens, vintage or rustic kitchens, minimalist kitchens, etc. The style can be given by the type of material, the color and the design of the shelves.

So first we are going to see the three ways of decorating and then a lot of photos with different styles of open shelves for the kitchen.

Place only two or three shelves

The first way is to place only two or three shelves on the wall where you scrub and cook. It is the ideal solution to have everything at hand, not to overload the wall with cabinets that take away visual space, and at the same time decorate with crockery, utensils, jars, bottles.

Combine open cabinets and shelves

The second is to replace the upper half of the cabinets with shelves.

This solution makes the upper part of the wall brighter and clearer, filling the entire kitchen with light and managing to bring a sense of spaciousness to spaces, especially when decorating small kitchens.

Covers open shelving walls

The third way is to place only open shelves without any cupboards. This makes the kitchen look with much more personality than a traditional one, but you have to be very on top to keep the pots and shelves clean.

The first time I did it like this and I regretted it because it is very dirty, the dust seeps everywhere. I prefer the first or the second way.

Photos with open shelving ideas for the kitchen

Here is a compilation of open shelves in the kitchen so that you can come up with ideas and be inspired to decorate yours.

This photo above is a modern minimalist example, few and neatly arranged. On the open shelves they have the things that are used the most, such as pots and pans for cooking, glasses, plates, and on the bottom ones the things that are not used as much.

You already know that apart from decorating it serves to have what we use most at hand. And that is the secret to keeping everything clean, because when used it does not accumulate dust.

One solution to avoid dirt in storage spaces is to put semi-transparent sliding doors. You can move them from one side to another and place them wherever you want, and as they are translucent they do not completely cover what is inside, maintaining the effect of open shelves.

There is no single style for this type of decoration, it is valid for all types of designs. For example, the idea above is for an industrial kitchen with rustic wooden shelves and industrial lamps. Instead the one below is a very clean and tidy modern vintage style.


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